VIVERSE Partners With ZombieClub to Create New Web 3.0 Metaverse Experiences

Zombie & Viverse

VIVERSE, HTC's metaverse platform, today announced a strategic alliance with ZombieClub, an NFT brand co-founded by Shawn Yue, to provide a brand-new Web 3.0 metaverse experience and launch the "AWAKEN" metaverse NFT exhibition. Both parties in the alliance will work together to release more projects. In addition, the exclusive NFT "ZombiePod Genesis" was released today to empower the ZombieClub Token, which has sold out since it first hit the shelves. From June 11 to July 10, people worldwide will be able to access "AWAKEN" for free from the VIVERSE portal. Visitors can enjoy the exhibition as many times as they like using any device.

VIVERSE and ZombieClub Join Forces to Empower NFT, Turning Crypto Art into Actual Collectibles in the Metaverse 

The era of Web 3.0 has come. The strategic alliance between VIVERSE and ZombieClub combines the world record-breaking intellectual property of ZombieClub in the form of NFTs and the design power of the VIVERSE Web 3.0 platform, allowing NFTs to enter a new dimension in the metaverse. An NFT is no longer just a string of data or files in a crypto wallet, but an authentic artwork displayed in the metaverse. Starting with "AWAKEN," the two companies expect to collaborate on more events in the second half of 2022, including people entering the metaverse as 3D full-body avatars.

"VIVERSE is HTC's open metaverse. It supports cross-device access and has a Web 3.0 spirit based on a decentralized blockchain vision, and 'AWAKEN' makes it the world's first metaverse platform to exhibit iconic NFT collections," stated Joseph Lin, president of VIVERSE. "We are excited to have entered into a strategic alliance with ZombieClub, and together we will create new metaverse experiences and reveal more features of NFTs. We look forward to working closely with ZombieClub in exploring the possibilities of crypto art in the metaverse and in launching more projects for the crypto community."

"The crypto community is looking forward to entering the metaverse, which will transform NFTs from 2D to 3D in a more immersive format," noted Disco.eth (Ned), co-founder of ZombieClub. "This collaboration with VIVERSE to launch 'AWAKEN' allows crypto art to be empowered through entering the metaverse and gives NFTs, which were originally available only as blockchains, a new form in VIVERSE." The 6,666 ZombieClub Token holders worldwide can also mint ZombiePod Genesis NFTs for free today, allowing them to showcase their own NFTs in the world of VIVERSE. ZombieClub Token holders can join the ZombieClub Discord server for more information.

VIVERSE Creates a Web 3.0 Gallery "AWAKEN" to Exhibit Global, Iconic Crypto Artworks 

Crypto artworks are often just a string of code on a blockchain, but the "AWAKEN" metaverse NFT exhibition visualizes the crypto artworks in the world of VIVERSE. The exhibition consists of the lobby "ZombieLab" and four exhibition spaces: "Light," "Classic," "Modern," and "Cave." "ZombieLab" was initially designed by VIVE ORIGINALS. It has a dedicated zombie-style set that presents the worldview of ZombieClub. Visitors can enter the exhibition spaces through the portals.

Visitors will get a glimpse of the most representative and classic crypto artworks in the history of NFT, such as "Right Place & Right Time," "1/1 Xcopy," "CryptoPunks," "Autoglyph," and more. The exhibition spaces exploit the features of the Web 3.0 metaverse space to create an online 3D gallery beyond what can be imagined, and there are several surprise spaces for visitors to explore.

The "AWAKEN" metaverse NFT exhibition will run from June 11 to July 10. Those who wish to visit the exhibition can sign up to the VIVERSE portal and create their digital avatar, which will allow them to experience what VIVERSE, the cross-device metaverse, brings to crypto artworks. Join the VIVERSE Discord Server for the most up-to-date information on "AWAKEN".


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ZombieClub aims to be the tip of the Web 3.0 spear - a pioneer and a builder of the un-charted Metaverse. In the ZombieClub Metaverse, we will lead our community members to experience and explore ever-evolving spaces and facilities while erecting our community headquarters and neighboring townships. Along with our community members, creators, and ZombieLab Pass holders, ZombieClub will pilot and test metaverse economic possibilities - including cross-platform and cross-device login experience, game engine baked-in, and even Cross Reality. Let's build a new world for Web 3.0 creators and holders! 

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