HTC VIVE Partners With Imversed Enabling Avatars for Sake of Vtubers' Economy

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Thousands of metaverses have emerged a year after the world discovered the concept of the metaverse. Today, the avatar user experience in a metaverse is still far from that of gaming, in both movements and visualisations. Little breakthroughs have managed in the metaverse visual experience, however, in sight of the long-term growth of Web 3.0, avatars are looking to grow into capitalised money trees for users. An avatar will be able to have a fanbase, its own music and videos, its own ancillary products, and even have its rights commercially represented and managed. This requires levels of technical support that most metaverse systems are just not there yet.

HTC VIVE has brought some exciting breakthroughs in the part they play, integrating the latest avatar technology with Imversed quick release NFT technology. On top of this, VIVE recently upgraded the use of facial and motion tracking technologies to improve user experience, enabling avatars in metaverses to have body movements and facial expressions, intended to integrate interactive engagements with the immersion of reality with the virtual in an instant integrated interaction, so that avatars can behave like a real person would. Synchronized imaging technology that is used also gives avatars freedom to take photos and selfies anywhere anytime in any-verse. Trekking to outer space, other planets, deep sea, or show up in various movie scenes, and capture moments of virtual travel and track memories, even recording the travel journeys, then mixing or editing together the content to share on their social media platforms will become a norm. Avatars can grow influence by gaining followers and make hot new topics or trends like any current 2D influencer. There are already influencers and celebrities building up their virtual self making it into an intellectual property to profit from and its nowadays not uncommon to gossip about celebrities such as Bruce Willis using DeepFake.

Talks of avatars interacting with real humans in the real world, and even perform without time and space restrictions, can now be done by a person's endorsed avatar identity in Imversed XR-Land brought into reality by using AR tools via projections creating a new type of Vtuber, this is what we had seen in the past in many superhero movies. Imagine further, where Vtubers with fanbases using the Imversed XR-Land to NFT minting function to distribute NFT digital assets, will be rolling the dollars in whilst the user in flesh is asleep at night. Limitations of the interactions between virtual reality IPs and the reality are now gone as Vtubers can interact with their fans, and a larger Web 3.0 asset empire and a scaled revenue system can generate continual income.

In 2023, tech brands are wanting to be releasing AR glasses. If so, XR-Land technology will catapult in its value bringing the avatar economy to a whole new level. Much of this technology will be available for public demonstration from this November onwards making it the right time to get started particularly with Viverse, which is currently the biggest industry partner of Imversed XR-Land, and this partnership soon will join forces also with popular gaming companies. The joint ventures makes Viverse readily available now to create personalized avatars. People of all ages should be ready to take part in this new wave of revenue stream from a personalized avatar no matter where and which verse or universe they are in at in any point in time. Creating and owning an Avatar with its own story and generating a personalized income in the expanding metaverse economy is hot the new trendy way to enrich an integrated virtual in reality lifestyle.

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