Vitality Consulting Promotes Two, Focuses on Training

Vitality Consulting's Director of Operations discussed the recent promotions of two top performers and the firm's growth culture. She also elaborated on the company's commitment to training and an ongoing hiring push.

​The leaders at Vitality Consulting maintain a culture of growth and constant improvement. Two of the firm’s top performers, Austin G. and Colin B., uphold these values on a daily basis. As a result, both of these high achievers were recently promoted to leadership roles in their division. Jennifer, the Director of Operations, stated, “This is such a huge accomplishment for Austin and Colin. It’s all due to their commitment to setting and achieving ambitious goals.”

Goal setting is a point of emphasis at every level of the Vitality Consulting organization. The Director commented, “We always set higher benchmarks and stretch beyond our current skills. Austin and Colin are perfect representatives of those qualities and I know they will achieve great things in their new roles.”

Jennifer and the rest of the Vitality Consulting executive team also set clear expectations so that the firm’s associates know exactly what they need to do in order to advance. “I think it’s vital to empower your team members by being upfront about their duties and potential,” the Director added. “We want our people to be as engaged and motivated as possible, and I believe they can only thrive if they know what is expected. Our team members have never shown any hesitation when it comes to going above and beyond those expectations.”

"This is such a huge accomplishment for Austin and Colin. It's all due to their commitment to setting and achieving ambitious goals."


Director of Operations

Vitality Consulting’s Director Outlines the Company’s Training Approach and Hiring Push

Along with communicating expectations as clearly as possible, the leaders at Vitality Consulting also equip their team members with all the skills they need to excel. The Director remarked, “Our training program is extensive, and it gives every new addition to our team a well-rounded education. We also pair every new hire with a seasoned executive, which allows for personal attention and close mentorship.”

The firm’s leaders also stress ongoing education and offer developmental programs in a variety of areas. “We never stop preparing our associates for success because we know that our industry is constantly evolving,” the Director noted.

To continue the company’s expansion and build up Austin and Colin’s team, Vitality Consulting’s leaders are currently looking for dynamic new talent. Jennifer explained, “Achieving our aggressive goals will require further additions. We are trying to identify passionate individuals who will commit to ongoing improvement and who can collaborate seamlessly. Anyone who would like to learn more can visit our website.”

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