Vitality Consulting Attends Conference, Honors Promotion

Vitality Consulting’s Director of Operations detailed a recent leadership conference and the networking benefits it provided. She also highlighted a newly promoted associate and shared her thoughts on building successful habits. 

Industry events are ideal opportunities for people to sharpen their skills and expand their networks. Vitality Consulting team members recently made the most of such a gathering. Jen Lyons, the firm’s Director of Operations, stated, “We attended a leadership conference in Dallas. During the event, we had the chance to make new connections and catch up with colleagues we don’t get to see all that often.” 

Many positive outcomes can emerge from the types of connections made at conferences. The Director explained, “Not only do we gain access to great advice through their networking efforts, we open doors to future ventures. These can range from speaking engagements to partnerships that expand Vitality Consulting’s market reach.” 

"Not only do we gain access to great advice through their networking efforts, we open doors to future ventures."


Director of Operations

Individual development also gets a boost from networking at conferences. “Being around successful people from across the country gives us an array of helpful insights,” Lyons noted. “We bring new knowledge of best practices and emerging technology back to the office after every big industry event.”

Vitality Consulting’s Director Highlights Recent Promotion

A growth atmosphere has been a big part of Vitality Consulting’s success, and the Director takes time out to recognize team members who earn advancement. She remarked, “I am pleased to announce that this month, we promoted April to leadership. She is a perfect example of what can be achieved by making the right choices and using time wisely.”

Expanding on her point, Lyons stated, “I firmly believe that habits and choices form the foundation of success. If you have bad habits and make bad choices, you won’t hit your goals and vice versa. The only reason I am where I am today is because I straightened up my habits, put myself on a schedule, and worked harder than ever before.” These are central tenets of the Vitality Consulting ethos, and the Director looks for related behaviors in anyone who is promoted to the leadership level. 

April will be responsible for guiding a small team to reach predetermined revenue goals in her new role as a leader. She will also organize regular meetings to discuss where improvements can be made. Lyons added, “I have full confidence that April will be a highly respected leader who gets things done efficiently, and I look forward to witnessing her success.” 

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