Vitality Consulting, Inc. on Why Customer Service Is Key

Vitality Consulting, Inc. is a premier interactive marketing firm. Managers credit the team's sales and marketing success to their emphasis on nurturing customer service. It has led to exceptional results.

“You can have all the sales gimmicks in the world,” noted Jennifer, Vitality Consulting, Inc.’s director of operations. “However, if your customer service is lacking, you’re not going to see the business you want. If you aren’t able to respond to customers quickly, your entire operation will be in jeopardy.”

Jennifer cited the example of how a theme park team’s failure to plan for a crisis left it in a bind. “Their technology failed,” she explained. “This left customers in line for an hour a mile away from the park. Once inside, the lack of charm and interest in frustrated, overtired visitors only added to the disappointing experience.”

. "First, they suggested that the lack of backup should have been considered well before the opening day,"

Jennifer , Director of Operations

“Two major issues were wrong with this case study,” she stated. “First, the park should have prepared for the failure in their technology at the parking level. Instead of a clunky backup, they should have had a stronger plan involving alternate technology, like iPads.”

“Their second mistake was their complete lack of appreciation for their customers’ time,” Jennifer said. “If anyone had the patience to wait in line for over an hour to move a mile, staff members should have at minimum greeted them with smiling faces or made the visitor experience worth the wait. Instead, guests were greeted with longer lines inside, unfriendly ride attendants, and an overall unappealing environment.”

As Jennifer noted, the team at Vitality Consulting, Inc. reviewed this case and offered the following analysis. “First, they suggested that the lack of backup should have been considered well before the opening day,” she said. “The second belief was that the visitors should have been compensated in some way, such as free beverages or vouchers for return visits. Most important, friendly, apologetic faces would have sufficed. Not everything is going to be perfect. However, it can be a win if you are prepared to recognize that customer care management should be number one.”

Vitality Consulting, Inc. Managers Discuss Training Associates on Customer Care

In addition to studying examples of good and bad service, Jennifer noted that customer service training has been a focal point of Vitality Consulting, Inc.’s professional development efforts. “We don’t just discuss the dynamics of customer care,” she shared. “We engage our team in understanding customer issues and how we can resolve them. We talk about what is working and what we can improve, using customer feedback as our guidelines.”

“I’ve learned two things about customer service,” Jennifer concluded. “You need to plan for the unexpected to ensure your customers are always happy. You must also have a team that is happy and engaged in the process. It will show. Our team is a prime example.”

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