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Vital Films, a Colorado-based video and photography producer, introduces camera cars as the newest addition to their content production process. As specialists in aerial and sport-related photography, the team at Vital Films believes this newly added service will provide an additional dimension that can provide unique angles and shots that are otherwise difficult to capture. 

Utilizing the best in camera car technology, Vital Films is one of the only outdoor production companies in the state that carry a customizable MōVI XL with a Flowcine Black Arm – this can be mounted to any vehicle for a seamless recording experience. 

Due to Vital’s unique camera, there are no limitations on the type and size of the actual car being used to record the moving shots, including close-ups of high-speed chases. However, these chase cars are usually matte black to prevent reflections or glare from distorting the captured footage.

The videos and images themselves will appear completely smooth and seamless, with Vital Films taking full advantage of using gyro-stabilized systems when filming. According to Vital Films, this will ensure that all footage is high-quality and commercial-level ready after final edits have been made. 

With more than 13 years of production experience, Vital Films understands exactly how a camera car can be leveraged for the best results. And according to their team, these services are particularly expensive, especially those provided by most TV production companies. Vital, however, can provide the camera car experience for much less, while still promising the same production level value as other larger operations. 

As one of the top production companies in Colorado, Vital Films can provide full-service production, individual production services, aerial and drone photography, and a license to access our wide library of stock footage.

Over the years, Vital Films has worked with some of the biggest names in various industries: Discovery Channel, Whole Foods Market, BBC, U.S. Forest Service, and L’Oreal Paris. Much of their work has been featured on top networks such as Animal Planet, MTV, NBC, ESPN, CNBC, and Fox.

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