Visual Marketing and What It Can Do for a Brand — the Power of Images

Humans are visual creatures. In fact, 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual. There's no denying it — images are what we notice first. Leslie Carr of Scyphus has written on how Branded Paper Cups are one of the most minimally visible yet present visual tools of advertising, As Ogilvy said — "a good advertisement is one which sells the product without drawing attention to itself.

Alternative Visual Tools are becoming more popular

Humans are visual creatures. In fact, 90 percent of information transmitted to the brain is visual. There's no denying it — images are what we notice first. Customers need to see something to believe it. And, obviously, customers need to believe in something to buy it. That's why images are now more important than ever.

Bring That Brand Alive

"A good advertisement is one which sells the product without drawing attention to itself."

David Ogilvy, Father of Modern Advertising

Visual marketing is the business strategy that no business can do without. Visual marketing involves the use of visual aids to communicate a brand's message. This can include graphics, design elements and branding. All of these tools are used in a way that makes a brand more attractive, exciting and memorable to the target audience.

Get It In Their Face!

In today's busy world, few people have time to sit and read large amounts of text or information. People are on the go — they have a hundred things to do and never enough time to do them! That's why information needs to be simplified into something that is eye-catching and easy to understand. Something that smacks people in the face and makes an impression.

Visual marketing is a way of informing people who wouldn't normally have the time (or patience) to read piles of copy. It's a means of transmitting large amounts of data through images, graphics and clever designs. When a certain image or design appears in several different places, it lodges in people's memory. This is key to generating customers. Studies into consumer behaviour have shown that the easier an offer is to understand, the more likely they are to end up buying it.

Tricks of the Trade


When people scroll through their news feed on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or whatever social media they're currently addicted to, what news pieces jump out at them most? Graphics. Photos. Videos. The human brain is wired to respond to visual stimulus before anything else.

          -Print Marketing

When we think print marketing, we think brochures, business cards, banners and books. But this is the 21st century! Times have changed — and so has customer focus. Visual marketing now has to grapple with the million other distractions in people's lives.

The Bottom Line?

For a brand to be noticed, it not only need to be strategically designed — it needs to be strategically placed. And where better to place a brand than on a paper cup?

Printed Paper Cups: Marketing That Talks

Graphics communicate. And nothing speaks to a customer more clearly than a graphic on a printed paper cup. It's attractive, creative and memorable. And it's right on their latte — which, according to most people, demands more attention than any newspaper or billboard.

Printed paper cups are a dynamic way to expose a brand visually. Unlike a banner, billboard or brochure, a printed paper cup goes places. It's the most effective way to get a brand's message slap-bang in a customer's eye!

Tapping Into The Subconscious Mind

According to Harvard Business School professor Gerald Zaltman, 95 percent of consumers make their purchase decisions subconsciously. Printed paper cups are the ultimate tool in subconscious marketing. A consumer buys a cup of coffee because he or she wants a coffee. That coffee comes in a printed paper cup. Without even realising it, their brain will have captured the image of the brand printed on the front. The next time they see that brand, their brain will instantly recognise it as something familiar. Something to be trusted! Printed Paper Cups offer a range of paper cups to suit any brand. And it's not just cups! Whether it's an event, celebration or trade show, there's a printed paper cup to fit the bill.

Printed Paper Cups: Not A Pretty Picture

Each Printed Paper Cup product is designed according to a company's unique specifications. An expert team of in-house designers create stunning, eye-catching logos and slogans that leave a lasting impression! Up to eight colours are available for custom designs, all printed with food-grade ink.

Designs That Mean Business

– Simple is the name of the game. Remember the old adage.

– Less is more. Often the most basic designs are the ones that stand out.

– Familiarity is all in the design. A printed paper cup should feature a brand's logo, slogan or image.

– Whatever is most recognisable. Think Starbucks, Volkswagon, Coca Cola: the trademark logos and colours of these brands spring instantly to the mind.

– Be creative. Printed paper cups are a step outside the box! But don't stop there: consider printed napkins, sleeves and even coasters. Read on!

Got An Event? Get The Cup 

Printed paper cups put a brand into a customer's hand. And that's just the beginning.

Branded Paper Cups

Whether it's an office, cafe, garage, school, salon or convenience store, there's always a reason (or a need!) to serve customers a hot or cold beverage. Printed paper cups are the perfect accessory to any company's marketing toolbox. Best of all, a printed cup is something customers can 'take away' — literally.

There are two styles of paper cups to choose from, depending on requirements:

• Single-walled printed paper cups: Great for cold or moderately hot beverages. Sip-through lids also available.
• Double-walled cups: The perfect coffee solution. Double walled paper cups feature extra insulation over a poly coated base. They're great for serving coffee, tea, soup and other hot beverages. Sip-through lids also available.

Printed Paper Cup Sleeves

Sleeves are a great option for businesses that already have a supply of paper cups. A printed paper cup sleeve not only makes the beverage more comfortable to hold, it doubles as a business card! Customers can throw away the cup and keep the sleeve as a reminder of the business' name and details.

Printed Paper Coasters

In an indoor environment, coasters are as essential as the cup itself!

Customised printed paper coasters are versatile, convenient and can be designed to match the printed paper cup.

Printed Paper Napkins

No matter where or what the event, there's always a need for napkins. In fact, the uses for paper napkins are even wider than paper cups! What better way to get a company's logo or slogan into a customer's hands?

Think Visual Marketing: Think Printed Paper Cups. Branding Never Tasted So Sweet!

There Is An Additional Tool

These days, there are even more engaging tools in addition to branding at your disposal. One good example is using QR Codes on paper cups to engage your customer and deliver a better-augmented experience. Read more on this on our Printed Paper Cups blog.

Source: Scyphus, UK

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