Vista Community Clinic Adds TOOTRiS' Real-Time Child Care Platform to Support Employees

First-Ever On-Demand Online Service Provides Critical Assistance to Parents, Employers & Child Care Providers

Vista Community Clinic, a federally recognized and award-winning health care institution in Southern California, has partnered with TOOTRiS to integrate real-time Child Care services for the Clinic's employees. TOOTRiS' on-demand platform provides Vista Community Clinic's employees access to thousands of Child Care providers and afterschool programs in their area, reducing challenges that arise from staff not having affordable and available options for their children.

TOOTRiS is a first-of-its-kind SaaS platform that allows parents to view real-time inventory of available Child Care and afterschool program slots - all accessible online via a desktop or mobile device. For employers, TOOTRiS acts as an extension of employee wellness programs, making it easy for working parents to find Child Care, which is proven to reduce absenteeism and turnover costs while increasing diversity and inclusion.

Last year, about 52% of working parents had work interruptions due to lack of Child Care support/availability, according to a survey. TOOTRiS' turnkey Child Care services empower Vista Community Clinic's working parents - especially women - by delivering real-time access to thousands of diverse programs, enabling them to find, communicate with, enroll in and pay for programs, all while completely contactless. This allows parents at Vista Community Clinic to stay focused and remain in the workforce, while supporting their children's development.

Vista Community Clinic's Community Health Centers - which treat more than 69,000 patients every year - are all located in Southern California, one of the most difficult regions to find Child Care.

"Diversifying our employee wellness program by providing new family-focused offerings like Child Care assistance aligns well with our organization's culture and values," said Fernando Sañudo, CEO of Vista Community Clinic. "Locating Child Care has been a stressful, time-consuming burden for many of our working parents. We are excited to partner with TOOTRiS to provide our employees with relief, while helping us better fulfill our mission of providing access to premier health services and education for those in our community who need it most."

As part of the partnership, Vista Community Clinic's workforce now has a dedicated portal, access to TOOTRiS' large network of Child Care providers, from infant care to school-aged and afterschool programs, and receives 24/7 personalized support from TOOTRiS' Early Childhood Education team.

"Vista Community Clinic's new Child Care assistance program highlights its deep commitment to its workforce and supporting true work/life balance," said TOOTRiS CEO Alessandra Lezama. "By expanding their benefits programs to include Child Care solutions, Vista Community Clinic continues to lead as an innovator in employee development and wellness, and we are happy to add their organization to the growing list of employers who now offer TOOTRiS' to their staff."

TOOTRiS acts as a trusted partner and benefit administrator to help employers such as Vista Community Clinic improve employee wellness. In February 2021, TOOTRiS was recognized by the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce for its efforts supporting employers with Child Care solutions, receiving the coveted Moving San Diego Forward award.

"With our turnkey Child Care platform, we empower more parents to return and remain in the workforce with complete peace of mind," Lezama said. "Organizations that offer Child Care as a Benefit create a positive environment where employees feel more supported, valued and encouraged to continue advancing their careers."

TOOTRiS is reinventing Child Care, making it convenient, affordable and on-demand. As the world shifts to digitalized services, TOOTRiS helps parents and providers connect and transact in real-time, empowering working parents - especially women - to secure quality Child Care, while allowing providers to unlock their potential and fully monetize their program. TOOTRiS is creating a new digital economy that promotes entrepreneurial opportunities for individuals with passion and talent to become Child Care providers, improving their quality of life while increasing the much-needed supply of Child Care across the state. TOOTRiS' unique technology enables employers to provide fully managed Child Care Benefits, giving their workforce the flexibility and family support paramount to regaining employee productivity and increasing their ROI. Learn more at

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Source: TOOTRiS