Visible & Effective Server Protection With the New RDS-Knight 2.0

Remote Desktop is a great tool when completely secure. Users can login to an interactive session on a remote system and start working wherever they are. Without strong protection, attackers may use this connection to access applications and data, and eventually destroy a business... Installing RDS-Knight 2.0 on servers allows to reveal and fight these dangers in real time.

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RDS-Tools provides innovative performance solutions for RDS. These tools are developed to sustain business development and productivity. They enable remote access to work applications at all times, at minimal cost and with full security. Indeed, risks are high while connecting to an RDP server. Users can face frontal brute force attacks, malware, credential hacking, among others dangers. To prevent any critical incident, RDS-Tools has developed RDS-Knight:

A strong technological vigilante which acts both as a shield and a weapon to protect RDS Servers...

Keep RDS Servers Secure with RDS-Knight

RDS-Knight offers up to five great protective measures to lock down servers and remote sessions:

  • Geo-restriction: Automatically blacklist IP coming from countries you define as risky
  • Time-based control access: Prohibits users from connecting outside office hours.
  • Defender: Detect and block brute-force attacks.
  • One-click to set User Rights Policies: Restrict users’ environment in a snap.
  • Endpoint Protection: Control access per device.

The new 2.0 version of RDS-Knight, released last Wednesday the 25th, is enhancing these features. The complete integration of the Brute-Force Attacks Defender enables monitoring of log on failures even on an HTML5 Remote Client (such as TSplus).

Plus, it adds a new protection for the Administrators: it is now possible to white list any user's domain name along the user himself when setting up security rules.

The biggest innovation, however, marks a significant turning point in RDS-Knight’s development: it truly reveals all the power of this solution to keep servers secure.

Track Cyber Attacks with RDS-Knight

RDS-Knight quickly shields RDS servers against external attacks and internal attempts to steal data. To do that, it provides Administrators with the keys to activate restrictive rules in just a few clicks.

It's the easy and efficient security tool to change the lives of RDS Administrators. Only until now, the power of RDS-Knight has been partially visible, acting as a “silent” vigilant. The 2.0 Release turns it into a real tracking tool, showing RDS-Knight’s defensive jobs in real time.

For instance, the Brute Force Attacks Defender is designed to show a list of blocked IP addresses, that can be white listed when necessary. With the 2.0 release, RDS-Knight also provides real-time information regarding the number of blocked attempts.

That means, that every event and action taken is now referenced in the "see what's happening" section, accessible from the main dashboard.

With this powerful new feature, Administrators have a means to detect points of weakness and identify the malicious people involved. Based on this information, they can implement a sustainable strategy for increasing security on RDS servers.

This is a MAJOR release and it is highly recommended to apply the update file directly from the application. To test and download RDS-Knight, use the free Trial version.

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