RDS-Tools Offers IT Management Solution as Data Centers Become an Industry Standard in 2023

RDS-Tools is reasserting its position as an expert provider of cybersecurity, production monitoring and remote support solutions to help network administrators and MSPs managing cloud IT infrastructures for their clients.

RDS-Tools offers IT management solutions for Data Centers

In 2023, data centers have become the standard in the IT industry. To address today's businesses' critical needs, RDS-Tools redesigned its offer with a unique toolset of three useful products. The shift towards cloud-based solutions has created a new set of challenges for Application Server Administrators and Managed Service Providers who are responsible for managing critical IT systems, including: 

  • Cybersecurity: Application servers must be protected and secured from potential cyber threats 
  • Production Management: The hosted deployment architecture must be closely monitored for optimal performance 
  • Technical Support: Users must have access to technical assistance to resolve any issues or concerns 

All of these tasks are now being managed remotely, making service continuity and IT production more critical than ever. The need for a reliable and secure infrastructure has become paramount for organizations across all industries. 

Protecting RDS Servers with RDS-Advanced Security 

RDS-Advanced Security protects Remote Desktop access to application servers. Upon quick installation, this powerful security tool blacklists over 300 million known hacker IP addresses. With just a click of a button, users can select their country flag to block attacks coming from other nations. Another click will block all robots attempting to crack the login of any remote desktop of any application server. It is extremely efficient and effective in securing RDS access to application servers hosted in the cloud. 

Monitoring Servers Production with RDS-Server Monitoring 

RDS Server Monitoring is a server data collection tool that continuously monitors server production, alerts administrators in case of any alarms, and helps to quickly locate and diagnose problems to resolve them promptly. With easy-to-create operations reports, administrators and MSPs have everything they need to improve the quality of service. 

Providing Remote Assistance with RDS-Remote Support 

RDS Remote Support is the perfect alternative to TeamViewer. Without the need to travel, it allows MSPs and support teams to assist users with technical difficulties remotely.  

By taking control of the user's PC, the support engineer can easily reproduce and analyze the problem and correct it with remote access. 

"We are confident that our products will enable businesses to improve their productivity, enhance their security, and reduce their IT costs."

Dominique Benoit, founder and CEO of RDS-Tools

The Complete Toolset for IT Systems Management 

By combining robustness and simplicity of use, RDS-Tools provides IT professionals with an essential toolbox to secure, manage and support their IT infrastructure, at a very reasonable price to address the most pressing challenges faced by today's businesses. 

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Since 1996, RDS Tools has specialized in remote-access technology. RDS Tools provides the easiest-to-use and most cost-effective tools available to assist RDS Administrators and IT Management Service Providers in exploiting the ever-increasing power and economy of today's computing hardware.



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