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As the pandemic gains a foothold in the United States, it's more and more important to take precautions when visiting a medical facility - a leading virtual tour creator aims to help.

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Despite the easing of the lockdown, visiting hospitals is still a risky endeavor, especially for those who are already battling other illnesses and have weak immune systems. The team at VirtualTECH Design, creators of an innovative 360 virtual tour product, believes that the importance of these virtual tools is more important than ever.  

Before the global health crisis, anyone admitted to a hospital had a 5% chance of contracting healthcare-acquired infections. However, current circumstances have increased that likelihood, and as a result, healthcare centers such as hospice homes, nursing homes, hospitals, addiction treatment centers, clinics, and medical offices, are having a hard time admitting new patients.

The experts at VirtualTECH Design, with years of experience exclusively working with healthcare centers, believe virtual walkthroughs of these medical facilities will ease the trepidation many potential patients feel when looking for health services, especially given the current environment. 

A simple virtual hospital tour can demonstrate and ensure that all FDA, CDC, WHO, State, and federal recommended practices and SOPs are being followed. This will allow patients, their families, and caregivers an opportunity to tour these facilities online to ensure that everything is as it should be before they send over their loved ones for treatment.

VirtualTECH Design employs state-of-the-art virtual tour software to capture every aspect of a medical facility before stitching still images together to create a holistic, interactive tour. Patients can virtually walk through and decide if it’s safe to visit the facility. 

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About the Company

VirtualTECH Design is a professional virtual tour creator with offices in New York and Arizona. They work closely with a myriad of health care facilities throughout the U.S. to create meaningful hospital and nursing home virtual tours to attract potential patients and demonstrate facility capabilities to loved ones.

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