How Virtual Reality is Changing Healthcare According to VirtualTECH Design, a Leading VR Production Company

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When asked how virtual reality is changing healthcare, the experts at VirtualTECH Design - a leading force in medical-focused VR production - believe the new marketing application is revolutionizing the way potential patients are receiving the answers and information they need to make an informed medical decision about their healthcare.

But, what is the purpose of virtual reality in a medical landscape? According to VirtualTECH's team, traditional online healthcare marketing for medical centers, hospitals, and care facilities lack the technological innovation necessary to provide information to potential patients in a comfortable, palatable way.

Independent studies report strong projections indicating those seeking a medical facility for treatment often experience heightened anxiety and periods of nervousness when making their choice. VR solutions, much like the ones provided by VirtualTECH, seek to mitigate those fears by providing a simple tool to view medical facilities from the comfort of a personal computer, tablet, or smartphone device.

VirtualTECH's expert photographers construct an interactive experience that will guide users through a virtual tour of a medical facility. Highly customizable, these VR tours can include anything from operating rooms and patient rooms to hallways, lobbies, and waiting rooms. Voiceover options that exist, as well as informational hotspots and clickable, embedded videos. These types of solutions empower users in their decision-making process, an objective that mirrors the ongoing shift in general marketing efforts across all industries.

Surely the next step in healthcare marketing, VirtualTECH's team also views this application as an important milestone in virtual reality history. As the role of VR expands into healthcare, other practical applications are more than likely to materialize.

Readers interested in learning more about receiving VR services for their medical or healthcare facility should contact VirtualTECH Design.

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With offices in Arizona and New York, VirtualTECH Design is a leading producer of medical and healthcare-focused virtual reality marketing applications. Through the creation of immersive, fully-interactive online virtual tours, their team seeks to help clients enhance their website, reach new audiences, and provide a comfortable experience for users.

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