Virtual Artifacts Redefines Mobile With the Launch of Its AI-Driven Social Network for Apps, Powered by Oracle

Innovative "social network for applications" Hibe enables small and medium mobile application developers to join forces against large established players, leveraging Oracle Cloud Platform and Infrastructure

Virtual Artifacts

Virtual Artifacts (VA) has announced the launching of the Hibe Mobile Application Network (Hibe) leveraging Oracle Cloud Platform and Infrastructure.  Hibe represents a revolutionary app-to-app content hosting and distribution technology that will wholly transform the mobile industry as it is exists today.

Founded on proprietary privacy technology, Hibe for the first time enables different mobile apps to communicate with each other while safeguarding the privacy and security of their users’ data flowing through the platform. This breakthrough technology will allow developers to gain critical mass by connecting their applications with other apps, the same way individuals grow their network of friends by inviting peers to befriend them on social media platforms. This offers small and medium app developers an alternative to being absorbed by large and established players, thereby offering them the opportunity to transform their revenue model from an intrusive ad-based model to a privacy-compliant profitable business model and assuring their profitability and independence.

Hibe’s proprietary algorithm mirrors instinctive privacy decisions in real-life interactions. “Nearly a decade ago, we commenced development of an AI privacy engine that replicates online the intuitive manner in which individuals modulate their privacy in constantly shifting daily interactions with different individuals and groups. Actually, how we protect our privacy while using online tools should not be any different than how we protect our privacy in real life,” states Jean Dobey, CEO and Founder at Virtual Artifacts.

Addressing how VA is using Oracle, Stephane Lamoureux, COO at Virtual Artifacts, states, “We consider this the first step in our relationship with Oracle. We envision expanding our use of Oracle Cloud services to ecommerce, advertising, blockchain and other business-related tools in order to redefine the Internet models as they run today. Working with Oracle enables us to grow exponentially on a global basis. We plan to further safeguard the security of content hosting and distribution with the introduction of Hibe Blockchain, which is being built in collaboration with Oracle.”

Chris Chelliah, Oracle Group Vice President and Chief Architect, said, “Oracle is proud to work with innovative start-ups, like VA.  They may be small today but through leveraging Oracle’s enterprise heritage and cloud services, as a foundation for innovation, they are rapidly becoming the platforms of tomorrow.  We look forward to continuing to work with them as they continue to grow and expand.”

With the launch of Hibe that targets the 6 million mobile applications with over 4.7 billion users, VA aims to revolutionize online communication by breaking the silos between mobile apps available on Google Play, Apple Store and other venues that isolate apps from others, or in effect, take control of user data.

“Part of our overall strategy is to become the back-end to a new breed of apps built on top of Hibe, and to let developers leverage syndicated content across all applications with user consent, including contacts, photos, documents, etc. Hibe will disrupt the continuum even further by putting users in full control of their data, including the ability to authorize and withdraw consent, export and distribute their content to any connected apps, all performed by them in a single location,” said Jean Dobey. “Ultimately this means, Hibe has the potential to become the back-end repository of user data across mobile apps.”

Before the end of this calendar year, VA will also introduce Hibe Marketplace, which is set to disrupt ecommerce by leveraging Hibe through AI-driven on-demand advertising and shipping engines.  “In the Hibe Marketplace ecosystem, brands will no longer have to pay for advertising, hosting, and listing fees to sell their products, which basically means free online advertising, free listing and hosting of items for brands to sell online,” states Jean Dobey. “In addition, brands will now relinquish shipping operations thanks to our AI-driven shipping-on-demand patented engine, thus leaving businesses to concentrate on their core, selling products.  Brands will also directly build and maintain personalized and trusted relationships with consumers, drastically reducing their cost of sales, and thereby improving their bottom line.”

With free advertising, and free listing and hosting of items on Hibe Marketplace, VA bases its revenue source on commissions from goods purchased and shipped on Hibe Marketplace.  

“Much is being said about privacy today and how this fundamental human right is being exploited by large players to fuel their revenue models.  By offering revolutionary app-to-app communication that redistributes the power model held by the powerful internet oligarchies today, intuitive and robust privacy environments in online social communication, rational and mutual connections between individuals and organizations where there is no profit motive to breach privacy–with Hibe, we can finally envision an online world that offers app users free access to online tools while ensuring they have control of their privacy, versus others advocating people pay with their privacy in exchange for the use of those same tools,” states Jean Dobey.


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Based in Montreal, Canada, Virtual Artifacts is committed to deliver privacy-centric technologies that bridges the gap between online and real-life interactions and fundamentally transform how individuals, brands, and organizations meet, connect, communicate and transact online. These proprietary technologies both protect individual privacy and disrupt many online industries, including ecommerce, advertising, shipping, mobile and the manner in which brands manage key relationships with customers. Over the last 10 years, VA has developed decision-making AI engines and a centralized blockchain-like data structure to host, contextualize, distribute and ensure confidentiality of online activities powered by the company’s technologies. For more information about Virtual Artifacts, please visit us at and


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VA is committed to bridge the gap between online and real-life interactions by building technologies that fundamentally transform how individuals, brands and organizations meet, connect, communicate and transact online.

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