Viridis Chemical Receives ISCC PLUS Certification for Its Sustainable, Bio-Based Ethyl Acetate

Recently Completed Upgrades and Modifications will Support New Certification

Viridis Chemical, LLC ("Viridis Chemical") today announced it has received International Sustainability and Carbon PLUS ("ISCC PLUS") certification for its bio-based Ethyl Acetate manufacturing facility in Columbus, Nebraska. Viridis Chemical is the only North American manufacturer of 100% bio-based Ethyl Acetate. HELM AG ("HELM") is responsible for global sales, marketing and logistics management of the 100% bio-based Ethyl Acetate produced by Viridis Chemical.

ISCC is an independent multi-stakeholder organization providing a globally applicable certification system. ISCC's objectives are to contribute to the implementation of environmentally, socially and economically sustainable production and use of various biomass feedstocks in global supply chains.

"We are excited about our significant accomplishment of receiving ISCC PLUS certification for our bio-based Ethyl Acetate. This certification will expand our customer base across the globe, especially with customers that want the benefits of ISCC Plus certification to help meet their sustainability goals. HELM has a tremendous worldwide team to reach customers that have interest in sustainably produced Ethyl Acetate as well as other renewable, bio-based chemicals that we expect to be producing in the future," said Carl V Rush Jr., CEO and Co-founder of Viridis Chemical.

The ISCC PLUS certification coincides with two important operational milestones for Viridis Chemical: (1) modifications and upgrades are now complete at its Columbus, Nebraska, facility, allowing Viridis Chemical to meet increased global demand for bio-based Ethyl Acetate, and (2) the recent commissioning of a new bulk shipping location in Texas City, Texas, to expand the existing logistics network used to ship Viridis Chemical bio-based Ethyl Acetate. Viridis Chemical and HELM are also working to further expand their logistics network to provide a bulk shipping location in Europe for the Viridis Chemical ISCC Plus-certified bio-based Ethyl Acetate in the second half of 2023.

Ethyl Acetate is widely used in the production of coatings, paints, adhesives, cosmetics, and flexible packaging, as well as many other products.

About Viridis Chemical

Headquartered in Houston, Texas, Viridis Chemical, LLC is a world-class manufacturer of renewable chemicals. Viridis is committed to the safe, environmentally sound, and economically viable conversion of bio-Ethanol into circular, sustainable products previously derived from oil or natural gas. For more information, please visit

About HELM

HELM is a Hamburg, Germany, based family-owned company established in 1900, generating global revenues of EUR 6 billion per year. HELM is one of the world's largest chemicals marketing companies. The company secures access to the world's key markets through its specific regional knowledge and subsidiaries, sales offices and participations all around the globe. As a multifunctional marketing organization, HELM is active in the chemicals industry, in the agricultural industry and in pharmaceuticals.


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About Viridis

Viridis Chemical is a world-class manufacturer of renewable chemicals. We’re committed to the safe, environmentally sound, and economically viable conversion of bio-ethanol into useful products previously derived from oil or natural gas. We provide value to our customers by offering a green, domestically sourced alternative to their existing supply chain. Viridis Chemical adds purpose to our suppliers and to the economy of Nebraska by further increasing the range of usefulness of local agriculturally derived feedstock.


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