PIDX International Releases Unit of Measure Scheme Guideline Standard

PIDX International, with the support of its Members, announces its new Support for UOM Scheme Guidelines.

The new standard was created to enable support for PIDX trading partners looking to identify the unit of measure (UOM) used in price sheets, invoices, and transaction documents. These documents are exchanged frequently in procurement transactions along the Energy Industry's supply chain, where UOMs can vary widely and are made available without charge. Enabling the PIDX transactional documents to identify the UOM can significantly improve speed, accuracy, and efficiency in transactions, reducing delays and ambiguity in data exchange.

A key feature of the Support for UOM Scheme Guidelines is its backward compatibility, which allows trading partners to maintain support for the UOM Scheme while minimizing changes.

"We have added the Unit of Measure scheme at the header level in the price sheet to allow for ANSI, ISO, or UNECE validation," says Margret Saniel, PIDX Standards and Guidelines Chair and Customer Services Manager at OFS Portal. "To minimize the amount of change, the UOM support in PIDX transaction documents has been added at the line item level, utilizing the reference information indicator tag, thereby not changing the current schema layout but augmenting how reference data can be used to extend the usefulness of PIDX standards. The updated schemas reflect these changes."

The entire PIDX 1.62 schema bundle can be found here. The Support for UOM Scheme Guidelines documents the recommended support in identifying the Unit of Measure scheme for price sheets, invoices, and transaction documents.


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