VirchyBike LITE: The VR-Enabled Indoor Bike for Exergaming, Now Available on Kickstarter

Ride throughout the world in your own home!

Introducing VirchyBike LITE, the revolutionary indoor bike with integrated virtual reality riding, digital cycling classes, and a personalized workout management system. VirchyBike LITE is designed for households and is accompanied by sleek virtual reality software.

“Indoor cycling is one of the most popular cardio exercises, so there are many indoor bikes in the market. However, many are expensive and ineffective at motivating users to work out consistently. We believe that indoor bikes should promote fun and dynamic exercise,” says Founder and CEO, Jaehyun Shin, who has a passion for fitness technology. “With VirchyBike, we strive to maximize the indoor cycling experience.”

We believe that indoor bikes should promote fun and dynamic exercise. With VirchyBike, we strive to maximize the indoor cycling experience.

Jaehyun Shin, Founder and CEO

The VirchyBike LITE bike connects to the mobile application through Bluetooth and has a number of advanced features. In comparison to the monotonic exercise of typical indoor bikes, the VirchyBike software offers riding course videos that feature roads from all around the world and seamlessly sync with the user’s pedaling speed, resistance and gear switches. Users can also choose to purchase an accompanying fan as a virtual wind system that makes the riding experience increasingly realistic.

Through accurate physical fitness tracking, real-time AI coaching and personal physical tests, VirchyBike LITE caters specifically to individual fitness levels and workout patterns. The software accurately tracks workout data and then schedules, suggests, and manages the services and programs based on the user’s workout preferences and history. Virchybike LITE can also be adjusted both horizontally and vertically to fit a wide range of body types and riding styles.

With the Virchy Studio, users can take virtual cycling classes with a wide array of instructors. The application’s auto-resistance control allows resistance on the bike to change according to their instructors' orders, and riders can compare their performance with instructors through figures shown on the screen. Additionally, VirchyBike LITE users have access to RORA, a virtual reality racing game that provides an immersive riding experience through a head-mounted display.

Younghyun Jo, the Marketing Director at VirchyBike, adds, “Our mission is to make indoor cycling accessible and enjoyable to the masses. For years, we have worked to create an advanced virtual reality product that will deliver this mission through a reasonable price, a safe and simple design and engaging features."

Pre-order of VirchyBike LITE is now available through the product’s Kickstarter page ( It is a consumer-ready product, and those who have tested the device report positive experiences. During the campaign, VirchyBike LITE can be purchased for $399 as the Early Bird Special price. When the campaign funding goal is achieved, the company anticipates manufacturing and delivery to be complete in February of 2018.

About VirchyBike Inc.

VirchyBike is a California-based start-up developing innovative and technologically advanced indoor bikes. The products are designed and developed in Newport Beach, California and are manufactured in Seoul, Korea. VirchyBike was founded by a team of experts and engineers who are committed to promoting exciting and effective exercise.

Source: Altos Business Group on behalf of VirchyBike Inc.

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