VIQTOR DAVIS Data Analytics Service Provider Partners With Webhose

VIQTOR DAVIS (VQD), a leading data analytics service provider, has formed a partnership with, a top third-party data provider and dark web monitoring service.

The partnership focuses on Market Radar, a solution developed by VIQTOR DAVIS working together with Webhose that provides the most important and relevant information from the external world in real-time by classifying and mining news sources. In an era of information abundance, the ability to quickly classify data is essential for delivering in-depth knowledge on competitors and markets, as well as supporting early-warning alerts for breakthrough trends and external risks.

“We are thrilled to assist VIQTOR DAVIS in delivering Market Radar with clean, structured and organized datasets in order to get the right information to the right people at the right time,” says Ran Geva, Webhose CEO.

In addition, although there are many data services that offer point solutions to organisations, none offer a service that includes specialized data analysts with expertise in data management, exploitation and analysis. VIQTOR DAVIS combines all of these capabilities in a single solution with its data specialist team that offers data strategy, governance, management, science and analytics. By leveraging Webhose’s data collection services VQD can save the considerable time involved with ingesting data through traditional scraping methods.

“As a top data provider with the ability to classify and mine news sources from all over the world, Webhose allows us to focus our resources and energy on delivering the most specialised data services to our customers,” says Frank Korf, Director of Data Science at VQD.


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About Webhose

Webhose is the leading data collection provider turning unstructured web content into machine-readable data feeds. It delivers comprehensive, up-to-the-minute coverage of the open web that includes millions of news articles and blog posts in addition to vast coverage of online discussions, forums and review sites in all languages. Webhose also offers a dark web and data breach detection service that provides coverage of the dark networks and includes millions of sites, files, marketplaces and messaging platforms crawled daily. | @Webhose | contact