Echosec Data Discovery Service Partners With Webhose

​​​​​​​​​Echosec, a leading data discovery company, has formed a partnership with, a top third-party data provider and dark web monitoring service.

The partnership will leverage darknet intelligence to assist Echosec's online intelligence offering through the addition of the Beacon platform and improve Echosec's ability to detect cybersecurity threats to physical assets, information and people. It allows users to quickly and efficiently search the dark web and filter data by category, the date the post was published, the URL the post originated from, the author handle and other advanced filters.

"We are proud to assist Echosec in delivering its Beacon platform with clean, structured Dark Web data that can assist in discovering threats on the dark web, learning about the attackers and their motives and prevent future attacks," says Ran Geva, Webhose's CEO.

The Beacon dark web discovery service for threat intelligence can be applied to a number of different verticals, including: the prevention of counterfeit currency; credit card fraud; the identification of personal identity information (PII) data such as credit card details and passwords; discovering stolen retail goods; gift card fraud and conducting post-burglary investigations. In addition, public safety and security organizations can use it to easily monitor communication between threat actors and stay ahead of dark web marketplace activity.

"Together with Webhose we are working to provide the fastest and most effective way to navigate the dark web and deliver our customers added value beyond our open data sources. We are always trying to expand our offerings to provide the best service possible to our customers, and we believe the partnership with Webhose gives us the opportunity to apply dark web monitoring for a wide variety of verticals and use cases," added Echosec's CEO Karl Swannie.

About Echosec

Echosec is a web-based data discovery platform that helps organizations detect online data for threat intelligence. Aggregating and mapping content from hundreds of sources including social media, blogs, news, and the Dark Web (with Beacon), Echosec gives users instant visibility into any place on earth through a digital window. Echosec uses machine learning technology to recognize images and keywords so users get notified when specific content is posted. Beacon, a dark web search platform, is Echosec's newest service offering.

About Webhose

Webhose is the leading data collection provider turning unstructured web content into machine-readable data feeds. It delivers comprehensive, up-to-the-minute coverage of the open web that includes millions of news articles and blog posts in addition to vast coverage of online discussions, forums and review sites in all languages. Webhose also offers a dark web monitoring and data breach detection service that provides coverage of the dark networks and includes millions of sites, files, marketplaces and messaging platforms crawled daily. | @Webhose | contact

Source: Echosec