VINU Network to Bring VNN Token to Your Offline Stores

VINU Network is to assimilate itself in users' everyday life to provide convenience and serviceability. Here is how.


Cryptocurrency ATMs have been readily available at convenience stores and gas stations since as early as the year 2013, and popular mobile wallets and payment applications, like Cash App and Venmo, have started to make crypto payments possible in recent years.

This gradual yet seamless integration of crypto into everyday life has opened a vast array of possibilities, and VINU Network did not hesitate to build on this new-found opportunity.

VINU Network, an Ethereum-based real-economy metaverse attributable to stores existing in the real world, holds a strategic partnership with 'COINUP', a leading company in the unmanned store industry with over 740 stores across Asia and Europe. Through this partnership, VINU Network will provide the opportunity to users to own and operate their own stores on its metaverse, the VINU Space, and conjointly own and operate the corresponding stores in real life as well, therefore reaping the benefits online and offline. 

However, that's not all VINU Network has in store for its users.

Together with COINUP, VINU Network has been devising a special digital wallet that will be accessible for use throughout all the offline stores and services associated with COINUP and the VINU Foundation. Within the wallet, users will be able to utilize VINU Network's own token, VNN, as a payment method for any of the services provided at these premises, which provides a significant offline utility to VNN token holders.

Moving forward, VINU Network is planning to actively create more partnerships with other global enterprises to diversify the utilities and benefits that will be available to all VNN token holders in the future. 

What is COINUP?

'COINUP' is a global company with over 30 years of experience in operating unmanned stores, with a great focus on unmanned franchise businesses. It specializes in fusing IOT, AI systems, and 5th generation kiosks into its services, and although it has its own equipment brands, it also sells commercial laundry equipment from LG and SAMSUNG Electronics. In addition, it is the official Korean distributor of 'Speed Queen', the top brand under 'Alliance Laundry Systems', which is the world's leading laundry equipment company holding more than 40% of the global market.

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Currently, VINU Network is preparing to be listed on the global market. More information on VINU Network is available in its whitepaper.

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