Viewing China From Afar: The Hidden City of Mountains: 8D Chongqing

British Lad Scott's Tour to Chongqing in 2020 shows China's recovery from the pandemic

China's economy grew 18.3% year on year in Q1 of 2021. The recovery has begun in the second half of 2020, and China became one of the earliest countries to recover from the pandemic. During the COVID-19 time, Drapper Scott from the United Kingdom was in China. In the second half of 2020, he began to travel in southwest China. Produced by People's Daily Online West USA Inc., the docuseries " Viewing China from Afar " was released online recently, among which the episode "The Hidden City of Mountains: 8D Chongqing" documented Drapper Scott's travel in Chongqing in 2020, showcasing the colorful and dynamic Chongqing in various aspects.

How does the China-Europe freight train reach Germany from Chongqing? How does the monorail go through the building? How exciting is it to ride the Airbus? How special is the cave hot pot? Under the guidance of Chongqing's internet celebrity Shuai, Scott visits the famous attractions of Chongqing to learn about its history and feel the charm of this "magical 8D city".

In the distance, it appears to be a mountain. From a closer look, it is a city. This is Chongqing, a city on the mountain and a mountain within the city. You think that you are taking the elevator on the first floor to go upstairs, but after going up a dozen floors, you realize that you have then arrived at the first floor; the taxi app shows that the driver is 1.5 kilometers away from you, but it takes him half an hour to get to you; you think that the movie Spirited Away is just a fairytale, but the dreamlike Hongya Cave is a real existence; you think Chongqing is hidden in the mountains of southwest China, but Chongqing's freight trains can travel directly to Europe. Chongqing is a modernized city and a city on a river. Chongqing is also a city of noodles and hot pot, a maze, a river flowing out of the mountains, and a magical 8D city.

In the story, Scott and Shuai taste the 400-year-old authentic Chongqing noodle dish and cave hotpot. They visit the famous scenic spots of Shibati, Liziba and Chaotian Gate, which show the "old memory" of Chongqing. They also enjoy the night scene of this mountain city, which is known as one of the top three nights skylines in China. As Scott exclaims at the end of the episode: Chongqing is a magical city, a city of the future.

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