Video Production Studio Adds Locations to Meet Content Demands

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Video Production has been increasing globally as the demand for video content continues to grow. Data has proven that online content is viewed longer if it has a video component included. Loyal Studios know that ecommerce websites with video sell more products and are visited longer.

As a result of this phenomenon, video production is booming. The technology for producing high-quality videos is becoming more affordable, and one of the innovators leveraging this trend is Bob Bekian of Loyal Studios. Bekian came into the business through the media and camera side of production, building companies that supported TV shows like "Survivor," "Storage Wars" and "Gotham." His Loyal Studios brand has become known as a “one-stop shop” for video producers who would rather focus on their creative objectives and talent rather than renting cameras and hiring crew.

“We saw that video producers could be overwhelmed when trying to produce compelling content and manage production logistics, so we put together teams of the best people and combined those people with the best equipment in our high-tech facilities as a resource,” Bekian said. The formula is working, and Bekian has been able to reduce production costs in a time when budgets are shrinking without sacrificing quality.

Loyal Studios has become a hub of this increased video production and has now added two more studio facilities and a large industrial factory to its profile now offering over 100,000 square feet of shooting location space in the Los Angeles area.

“We have added technology such as high-speed fiber connectivity, pre-lit stages and live-streaming capabilities to our studios, giving our clients a full-service production experience that saves time and expense.”

Some of the other technology offered at Loyal Studios includes remote-controlled HD cameras, virtual sets which can replace a green screen, and vast libraries of licensed graphics and music. “We have pivoted our company to offer what our clients need at a professional level and a reduced cost.” For more information on Loyal Studios production services, visit

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