Vibe Concepts Opens New Market, Sets Goals for 2016

The Director of Operations at Vibe Concepts discussed the firm's expansion into an exciting new market. He also highlighted the company's leadership approach and growth goals for 2016.

“We are thrilled to open our new office in the Louisville area,” declared Andrew, Vibe Concepts’ Director of Operations. “Reaching new demographics is one of the most important things a business can do, and we are excited by the prospect of exposing a new group of consumers to our dynamic promotions. I am confident that our company, our team members, and the brands we promote will reap huge rewards from this expansion.”

Entering new markets is just one part of company leaders’ plan for a record-breaking 2016. Andrew remarked, “We are also going to be making big investments in training this year. There will be team development sessions covering a wide range of topics, and our associates will compete for the right to attend industry events of all types. Whether they are educational seminars or exotic corporate retreats, I have no doubt that the Vibe Concepts team will grow and improve throughout 2016.”

"We are thrilled to open our new office in the Louisville area,"

Andrew, Director of Operations

These aims reflect company leaders’ emphasis on setting and pursuing aggressive goals. The Director commented, “As leaders, we know we can’t afford to rest on what we have already accomplished. We’ve been able to achieve some remarkable things here at Vibe Concepts, but we understand the need to keep pushing forward and aiming higher. If we don’t, our competitors will gain ground that we simply don’t want to give.”

Vibe Concepts’ Director Discusses 2016 Hiring Initiative

Andrew and the rest of the Vibe Concepts executive team know that the firm’s audacious goals for growth in the coming year will not be easy to achieve. The Director stated, “Of course it will require hard work and perseverance to meet our lofty objectives in 2016, but we are used to giving full effort on a daily basis. What we will need to change is the size of our team. We have an incredible group of high achievers in place, but our firm needs additional talent to push our growth and expansion efforts across the goal line.”

During the first quarter of 2016, Vibe Concepts’ leaders will be looking for the right professionals to add to their team of promotional specialists. “We seek business-minded people who are strong team players,” added Andrew. “It is also critical that any addition to our team can commit to constant improvement. We are dedicated to growing and developing on a daily basis here at Vibe Concepts, and every team member must match that devotion. More information can be found on our website.”

About Vibe Concepts

Vibe Concepts is a comprehensive promotional services provider with a commitment to empowering all represented brands to fully saturate new markets. The firm’s talented and experienced branding specialists utilize futuristic outreach channels in conjunction with in-depth research and analysis to design and deliver event-based campaigns that generate immediate results. These outcomes include heightened visibility, increased referrals, greater loyalty, and impressive profitability. The company’s history and reputation for excellence has led to a diverse portfolio, which contains brands of all sizes. To learn more about the dynamic team and how it helps businesses grow, visit