Vibe Concepts Returns From Newport Beach Conference

The President of Vibe Concepts, a leader in sales and marketing, announced that top performers from the company's team recently attended a Top Leaders Conference in Newport Beach, California.

“July has been all about travel for our team,” said Andrew, Vibe Concepts’ President. “The key event took place at the end of the month, when our top performers spent three days at a leadership conference by the beach in sunny California.”

As Andrew explained, this was an exclusive event, open only to individuals who have gone above and beyond in their work. “The people from Vibe Concepts who earned a spot on this trip demonstrated their dedication to the team,” he said. “They each have strong leadership skills and positive attitudes. These are the qualities we look for when we send people on these coveted excursions.”

To qualify, brand ambassadors had to hit and exceed specific targets. “This team thrives on friendly competition,” Andrew noted. “Without doubt, the added incentive of a travel reward like this conference fueled their motivation to net results.”

The Newport Beach conference was a mix of business and play. “Networking was the primary goal for our people. This was a great chance for them to practice their skills and learn more about professional growth,” Andrew shared. “In addition, the attendees also enjoyed some well-earned R&R on the beach.”

How Vibe Concepts Helps Team Members Become Proficient Networkers

“Vibe Concepts’ team enjoys every opportunity to network with other top leaders in the industry to sharpen their professional skills,” Andrew remarked. “Building connections is important not only to each of us as individuals, but for the company as well. We place a lot of emphasis on how to meet others and form lasting relationships.”

According to Andrew, team members have many options available to them to develop professionally and add to their contact bases. “We make it a point to assist each person in nurturing his or her network,” he said. “Our people travel to conferences and training functions that allow them to connect with icons in our industry. Each event helps them hone their communication skills and gain the knowledge they need to rise to the next levels of their careers.”

“Throughout the year, there are ample opportunities that our brand ambassadors can take advantage of that get them out of the office to learn and grow personally and professionally,” Andrew concluded. “We look forward to the next travel venture, where we’ll be headed, and who we’ll meet along the way.”

About Vibe Concepts 

Vibe Concepts is a comprehensive promotional services provider with a commitment to empowering all represented brands to fully saturate new markets. The firm’s talented and experienced branding specialists utilize futuristic outreach channels in conjunction with in-depth research and analysis to design and deliver event-based campaigns that generate immediate results. These outcomes include heightened visibility, increased referrals, greater loyalty, and impressive profitability. The company’s history and reputation for excellence has led to a diverse portfolio, which contains brands of all sizes. To learn more about the dynamic team and how it helps businesses grow, visit

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