Vibcare Pharma Offering Lucrative PCD Franchise Programs at India Level

With the base of operations in Chandigarh, India, Vibcare Pharma Pvt. Ltd is rolling out lucrative PCD franchise programs to deserving parties at India level.

PCD Pharma Company in India

Vibcare Pharma’s status as the leading PCD Pharma Company in India is thanks to a collaborative approach, passion for growth and vast industry exposure. Calling Chandigarh, India as home, the PCD pharma company continues to create and curate pharma franchise programs for deserving parties at India level. The programs are not only bespoke, flexible and growth oriented but come backed with the promise of the best prices and low turnaround times as well. As such, the partner franchisees can always rest assured of consistent business growth and decent ROI.

Replying to a query related to Vibcare Pharma’s production capabilities, one of its executives recently stated, “Vibcare Pharma is mindful of the partner franchises’ growth prospects, as our India wide network will testify. The kind of credentials that we carry is enough to keep franchisees profitable in their resale markets. With well-coordinated sales teams and engaging marketing content, we relieve our partner franchisees from investing time and resources on marketing and sales. Our dedicated customer support also provides a unique competitive advantage, as partners can expect prompt and effective issue resolution.”

Vibcare Pharma’s vast product selection and immense production capabilities also serve as a guarantee for franchisees’ consistent growth. The PCD pharma company formulates, manufactures, and markets drugs in four categories, including Prima, Cure, Grace, and Mind. Prima, available in Tablets, Capsules, Gel, Injection, Dry Syrup, Powder & Sachets, and Syrup, is a medication range meant for all general diseases and disorders. Nonetheless, Cure line is effective in treating all medical conditions related to heart and diabetes, while Grace and Mind series are a boon for Derma and CNS patients respectively.

Offering further insight into the PCD pharma franchisee programs, the executive stated, “Thanks to our commendable experience, we focus on the key areas – honesty and integrity, quality compliance and customer support – each of which has a direct impact the customer’s experience. We are continually improving our quality standards all aspects of operations – right from products, processes to systems and everything in between. We have at our disposal a GMP Certified manufacturing facilities where the manufacturing is achieved with great precision and care. Additionally, we are generously investing on research and development to keep up with our commitment to deliver top class healthcare products and services.”

Vibcare Pharma is a reliable name when it comes to contract manufacturing. For the past several decades, the pharma company has been delivering top class contract manufacturing services. Right from early development to high-volume commercial manufacturing and packaging, Vibcare Pharma does it all with trademark professionalism. Resultantly, clients can cater to their core competencies, knowing that their project is in safe hands. Additionally, this PCD Pharma Company in India has the rare talent to restrict overheads without downplaying quality.

About Vibcare Pharma Pvt. Ltd:

Vibcare Pharma Pvt. Ltd., the Best PCD Pharma Company in India known for formulating and manufacturing superior yet cost effective medications. Besides India, this pharma company has a remarkable presence in international markets, such as Africa, CIS, and South Asia. Thanks to its flexible, customized, and expertly curated PCD pharma franchisee programs, Vibcare Pharma has emerged as one of the leading PCD Pharma franchise companies in India.

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