Veterinary Laser Dentistry, Surgery and Therapy Session at the 2019 ALSC Symposium

The American Laser Study 2nd Annual Symposium will be held March 29-31, 2019, in Phoenix, Arizona

Veterinary Laser Dentistry, Surgery and Therapy Session at the 2019 ALSC Symposium

Join leading laser veterinarians at the "Veterinary Laser Dentistry, Surgery and Therapy Session" held during the 2nd Annual American Laser Study Club Symposium, March 29-31, 2019, in Phoenix. Be there for 20 presentations from laser veterinarians and other specialists discussing ground-breaking laser surgery techniques and photobiomodulation topics. Earn up to 17.5 CE hours. Learn more at

Session Presentations and Speakers:

  • “A Comparison between Carbon Dioxide Surgical Laser and Non-Laser Excision of Cutaneous and Subcutaneous Soft Tissue Sarcomas and Mast Cell Tumors in Dogs” - Lori Agulian, DVM
  • “Comparison of the Hemodynamic Response in General Anesthesia between Patients Submitted to Skin Incision with Scalpel and CO2 Laser Using Dogs as an Animal Model.” - Pedro Azevedo, DVM, MSc, Pst-Grd
  • “Veterinary Oral Laser Surgery: Ahhh!” - Noel A. Berger, DVM, MS, Dip. ABLS
  • “Surgical Lasers In Veterinary Medicine” - David S. Bradley, DVM, FASLMS
  • “Laser Therapy Simplified: A Quick Review of What You Really Need to Know” - David S. Bradley, DVM, FASLMS
  • “Comparison of the Influence of CO2-laser and Scalpel Skin Incisions on the Surgical Wound Healing Process” - Miguel Carreira, PhD, MSc, DTO, Pst-Grd, DMD, DVM
  • “Comparative study on the plasmatic CRP level variation in dogs undergoing surgery with CO2 Laser and Scalpel blade incisions in a pre- and post-surgical time-point” - Miguel Carreira, PhD, MSc, DTO, Pst-Grd, DMD, DVM
  • “The use of CO2 laser in exotic animals” - Lorraine A. Corriveau, DVM, DABVP
  • “The use of CO2 laser in veterinary dentistry and oral surgery” - Lorraine A. Corriveau, DVM, DABVP
  • “Excision and Ablation of Various Dermatologic Lesions in the Dog and Cat” - David D. Duclos, DVM, DACVD
  • “How the CO2 laser revolutionized my approach to general and perineal surgeries” - Jakub Kaczmarek, DVM
  • “Photodynamic Antibacterial Treatment (aPDT) in Pets” - Katalin Kovács, DVM, PhD
  • “Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome (BOAS) – my 7 years of experience using Aesculight CO2 laser, over 460 patients operated” - Ziemowit Kudła, DVM
  • “Laser Eyelid Surgical Procedures” - William E. Schultz, DVM
  • “Veterinary CO2 Surgical Laser Case Presentations” - Christopher J. Winkler, DVM, VMLSO, Dip. ABLS

Hands-On Veterinary Laser Surgery Training Workshop:
The "Veterinary Soft Tissue Surgical Laser Hands-On Participation Workshop" will be instructed by Noel A. Berger, DVM, MS, Dip. ABLS; and Peter Vitruk, PhD, MInstP, CPhys, DABLS. Don't miss this opportunity to try out CO2 lasers hands-on and learn about laser safety, laser-tissue interaction, and surgery techniques. The workshop provides four CE hours and costs only $195 to attend. This workshop will be held on March 30 from 1:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. during the Symposium. To learn more about this workshop, visit

Special Guest:
C. Kumar N. Patel, PhD, MSc, the inventor of the CO2 laser – Presenting the 2019 Kumar Patel Laser Surgery Prize Award Ceremony

Highlighted Keynote Presentation:
“Laser physics for poets: how the good practitioner uses basic principles for the best clinical laser results” - Robert A. Strauss DDS, MD, FACS

Other Keynote Presenters Include:
Charles M. Cobb, DDS, MS, PhD; Jack Dillenberg, DDS, MPH; Soroush Zaghi, MD; Rajeev Agarwal, MD, FAAP; and Richard Baxter, DMD, MS, DABLS

Other Sessions Include: 
Laser Frenectomy and Beyond; and Laser Dentistry, Surgery and Therapy

Earn Continuing Education Credits:
Veterinary CE credits will be provided through the AAVSB’s Registry of Approved Continuing Education (RACE) program.


  • Veterinarians: $445 for ALSC members and $545 for non-members.
  • Veterinary Clinic Staff / Non-Doctor: $295 for ALSC members and $395 for non-members.

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About the ALSC:
The American Laser Study Club promotes science-based laser surgery, dentistry, and safety education. The ALSC fills the void in current laser surgery and laser dentistry education (i.e., the physics of laser-tissue interaction, such as absorption, scattering, ablation, coagulation and hemostasis, soft and hard tissue ablation, laser safety, etc.) and helps physicians, dentists, veterinarians and practice staff members to excel at efficient and safe application of laser energy in everyday practice.

*Information, terms, conditions, program, schedule and list of speakers in this communication are subject to change without prior notice. This is not the final list of presenters or presentations; this is only a preview.

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