Laser Dentistry and Frenectomy Sessions at the 2019 ALSC Symposium

The American Laser Study 2nd Annual Symposium will be held March 29-31, 2019, in Phoenix, Arizona

Laser Dentistry and Frenectomy Sessions at the 2019 ALSC Symposium

Join leading laser doctors at the "Laser Dentistry, Surgery and Therapy" and "Laser Frenectomy and Beyond" sessions held during the 2nd Annual American Laser Study Club Symposium, March 29-31, 2019, in Phoenix, Arizona. Topics range from laser dentistry to photobiomodulation to tongue-ties to breastfeeding to other laser surgery topics. Either session will provide attendees up to 21 CE hours. Learn more at

Keynote Presentations:

  • Charles M. Cobb, DDS, MS, PhD – “The Current Status of Laser Mediated Treatment of Periodontal Disease”
  • Jack Dillenberg, DDS, MPH – “And You Thought Dentistry Was Just About Teeth”
  • Robert A. Strauss DDS, MD, FACS – “Laser physics for poets: how the good practitioner uses basic principles for the best clinical laser results”
  • Soroush Zaghi, MD – “A Brief History of Case & Clinical Studies in Sleep and Airway Disorders From Tracheotomy to Frenectomy and Beyond”
  • Rajeev Agarwal, MD, FAAP – “Talk of the Town – The Untied Tongue”
  • Richard Baxter, DMD, MS, DABLS – “Treating Toddlers to Teens for Tongue-Tie, Clinical Strategies and Case Studies”

Laser Dentistry, Surgery and Therapy Session Presentations:

  • Praveen Arany, BDS, MDS, MMSc, Ph.D. – “Photobiomodulation Therapy: An Innovative, Non-surgical Treatment with Broad Therapeutic Implications for Human Health”
  • Manuel Castillo, DDS, Diplomate, American Board of Pediatric Dentistry – “Lasers in Pediatric Dentistry: The Power of Light”
  • Claudia Cotca, DDS, MPH – “Microscopic Laser Surgery in Frenectomy Clinical Protocols with Assisted Aesthetic-Functional Periodontal Mapping”
  • Elizabeth Fleming, DDS – “Laser Pointers: Activated Tips for your Practice”
  • Martin A. Kaplan, DMD, DABLS – “My Journey from Diode to CO2 over 15 years”
  • Robert Levine, DDS – “How the use of lasers can help support all dynamics of restorative dentistry. This includes the support of virtual technologies.” and “Laser Use in the Academic Environment: What We are Teaching our Pre-Doctoral Students.”
  • Sheena Patel, DMD, MPH – “An Overview of Common Oral Lesions: Diagnosis and Management”
  • Ron Rubin, DMD, Diplomate, American Board of Maxillofacial Surgery -“The Efficacy of the Time Machine’s near Infrared  Photobiomodulation to rapidly decrease pain in TMD and Muscular Spasm”
  • Warren B. Seiler, III, MD, DABLS – “Cosmetic Laser Protocols and Regimens”
  • Marc Shlossman, DDS, MS – “Improved Non-Surgical Periodontal Outcomes with Adjunctive Diode Laser”
  • Ben Sutter, DMD – “Identification and Laser Eradication of Oral Cavity Spirochetes: Case Study, or How to Use a Laser Like a Jedi.”
  • Richard B. Winter, DDS, MAGD, DABOI/ID, DCOI, FAAID, DABLS – “Modified Minimal Crown Lengthening and other laser Pearls for General Dentistry”

Laser Frenectomy and Beyond Session Presentations:

  • Diana Batoon, DMD – “Pediatric Airway and Sleep Disordered Breathing”
  • James M. Bronson, DDS, FIAO – “Airway Enhancement following Myofunctional Therapy, Lingual Frenectomy and Quantum ALF Therapy in OSA patients”
  • Sheila Busch, MSN, RN, OMT-C, FNP-C – “Taking Care of T.O.T.S. (in the Wild Wild West)”
  • Michelle Emanuel, OTR/L, Occupational Therapist – “Mission NOT Accomplished! How a full release can end up ‘reattached’ and inhibit great functional outcomes and what to do to prevent it.”
  • Tara Erson, DMD – “Building a Frenectomy Focused Dental Practice”
  • Paula Fabbie, RDH, BS, COM – “Frenectomies – Too much, Too Little, Too Late”
  • Martin A. Kaplan, DMD, DABLS – “Frenum Care Beyond the Infant”
  • Shelly F. Klein, MD, DABLS, COM – “Car Seat Challenge Accepted”
  • Lisa Lahey, RN, IBCLC, OMT – “Form Function and Physiology for TOTS Assessment across the Lifespan”
  • Brynn L. Leroux, DDS – “The Joys and Challenges of Incorporating TOTS, Airway and Laser Procedures into Your Pediatric Dental Practice”
  • Lisa Paladino, MS, RN, CNM, IBCLC – “Team Approach to Tethered Oral Tissues (TOTs) in the Breastfeeding Infant”
  • Patricia Pine, RDH, COM – “Lasers Meet Soft Tissue Frenums (TOTs)”
  • German Ramirez-Yañez, DDS, Pedo. Cert., MDSC, Ph.D., FRCD – “Tongue-tie, sleep and breathing disorders and dental malocclusions: where the dots connect?”
  • Cara Riek, DNP, RN, FNP-BC, IBCLC, DABLS; and Stevanie Bahnerth, DC  – “Frenectomy Dissected: Discussion of anatomy pre and post exercises laser settings and other considerations.”
  • Matthew J. Rowe, DDS, MSD – “Making Breast Friends:  A collaborative approach to diagnosis, treatment and frenectomy aftercare.”
  • James Thomas, DDS, MS – “Sleepless in Seattle”
  • Jesse R. Witkoff, DDS, Diplomate, American Board of Pediatric Dentistry – “String theory: a non-unified theory of Frenuli”
  • Karen M. Wuertz, DDS, ABCDSM, DABLS, FOM – “Talk the Talk: Exploring current terminology used in the specialty of oral restrictions and how it affects the perceptions and acceptance by multidisciplinary practitioners.”

Hands-On Laser Dentistry Training Workshops:
There are two different hands-on training courses available for Symposium attendees: the "Soft Tissue Surgical Laser Hands-On Participation Workshop" instructed by Peter Vitruk, PhD, MInstP, CPhys, ALSC founder, and the "Dental Diode Laser Hands-On Participation Workshop" instructed by Robert Levine, DDS, GLOH founder. Don't miss this opportunity to try out different dental lasers hands-on and learn about laser safety, laser-tissue interaction and surgery techniques. These workshops provide four CE hours and cost only $295 to attend. To register for one of these workshops, visit

Special Guest:
C. Kumar N. Patel, PhD, MSc, the inventor of the CO2 laser – Presenting the 2019 Kumar Patel Laser Surgery Prize Award Ceremony

Additional Session at the Symposium: 
Veterinary Laser Dentistry, Surgery and Therapy Session

Earn Continuing Education Credits:
Dentistry CE credits will be provided through partnership with ADA CERP CDE providers.

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About the ALSC
The American Laser Study Club promotes science-based laser dentistry, surgery and safety education. The ALSC fills the void in current laser dentistry and laser surgery education (i.e., the physics of laser-tissue interaction, such as absorption, scattering, ablation, coagulation and hemostasis, soft and hard tissue ablation, laser safety, etc.) and helps physicians, dentists, veterinarians and practice staff members to excel at efficient and safe application of laser energy in everyday practice.

*Information, terms, conditions, program, schedule and list of speakers in this communication are subject to change without prior notice. This is not the final list of presenters or presentations; this is only a preview.

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