Veteran Turned Pharmacist Formulates Supplements for Healthier Living

Dr. Chris Jackson founded Betterbrand over his lifelong interest in respiratory health and making the best supplements for lung health

Chris Jackson

One of Chris Jackson's most vivid childhood memories is of his grandma, Shuggie, struggling to breathe. He never forgot that, not even while serving in the U.S. Army as an infantryman and combat medic. The memories led him to get his Doctor of Pharmacy degree and to create Betterbrand.  

Betterbrand is a nutraceutical company that provides science-backed supplements with a focus on upper respiratory and lung health. With an advisory board of medical doctors, the company enables people to be healthier and to educate themselves about health through its commitment to science and transparency. 

More than 34 million American adults are smokers or vapers, one in 12 have asthma and 16 million have been diagnosed with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Dr. Jackson is personally familiar with how respiratory issues affect people's lives.

"Watching Grandma Shuggie and my two aunts struggle with respiratory illness made such an impression on me," said Jackson, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Betterbrand. "That led me to want to help anyone dealing with these conditions."

Jackson co-founded the company with a friend he met collaborating on a large research project while at the University of Texas. The two shared a passion for evaluating scientific literature, conducting research, and finding ways to help themselves and others live better through science. They pride themselves on designing lung health supplements and other products that are backed by data, studied extensively for safety and function, and clearly present their ingredients and the scientific reasoning on why they were chosen.

Founded in 2019, Betterbrand differentiates its products from other respiratory supplements through its fully transparent processes. The company shares information on how its natural ingredients are grown and harvested and presents details in its easy-to-read packaging labels and its website. This approach is in keeping with Betterbrand's mission to empower people to achieve the quality of life they deserve. 

The Betterbrand portfolio delivers rapid onset with enhanced bioavailability and a consistent and repeatable consumer experience. Betterbrand uses natural, well-recognized ingredients. Each product is tested by Eurofins Scientific, and Certificates of Analyses are publicly available at HealthLoq. 

Committed to sound environmental practices, Betterbrand uses aluminum accepted by all recycling programs in North America and Europe and has eliminated all secondary and external packaging. Betterbrand is a proud member of the international 1% for the Planet organization, committing 1 percent of its annual profit to third-party-verified environmental charities. 

Betterbrand's respiratory-focused products include:

  • BetterLungs Complete, designed for everyone from athletes to smokers and vapers
  • BetterLungs Immunity, offering immune support especially through the winter months
  • BetterLungs Recovery, which promotes healthy blood flow and circulation

Betterbrand also offers supplements to improve memory, focus, mood, and energy, as well as basics like fish oil and turmeric curcumin.

"Every Betterbrand product starts with a worthy cause, something that will improve a person's life," Jackson said. "Then we do the research, make data-driven decisions on the most effective ingredients, and empower people by providing both a quality product and the rationale behind it. Science can help people live better, and we help make that possible."

About Betterbrand

Founded in 2019, Betterbrand aims for "better living through science" and designs data-backed products made from natural ingredients. Each product developed is reviewed by medical doctors in their internal Medical Advisory Committee and tested by Eurofins Scientific. Betterbrand offers premium products at affordable prices. For more information, please visit You may also reach Betterbrand via and toll-free at 877-851-8979. 

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