Veteran-Founded Betterbrand Takes Steps to Stay Ahead of Global Supply Chain Challenges

Respiratory supplements developer builds relationships with suppliers that ensure successful new product rollout, sustainable growth


As a former U.S. Army infantryman and combat medic, Dr. Chris Jackson, founder of respiratory supplements developer Betterbrand, knows the importance of supply chains and efficient logistics. His experience is part of Betterbrand's proactive efforts to address global supply chain challenges, forging partnerships with key manufacturers, recruiting new staff and building its reserves of high-demand ingredients. 

Pandemic-related shortages of raw materials and labor have slowed production, stalled deliveries at ports and terminals, pushed consumer prices higher and slowed down the global supply chain. These supply chain challenges are expected to last into 2022, according to the Federal Reserve.

However, Betterbrand's leaders and manufacturing partners are finding ways to stay ahead of supply chain issues. They have taken multiple steps to ensure a smooth rollout of Betterbrand's line of data-backed, natural supplements, which are reviewed by medical doctors and tested by Eurofins Scientific to ensure premium quality.

"We have built a team of talented individuals and forged a long-term partnership with a respected manufacturer, Nutriient, to facilitate our retail expansion," said Jackson, a veteran, doctor of pharmacy and founder and CEO of Betterbrand. "Soon, consumers will have access to our full line of premium and affordable lung health supplements and other products for supporting your health."

Nutriient, a Utah-based supplement manufacturer, will assist with ingredient acquisition, packaging sourcing and product fulfillment. Nutriient adds its own analytics and logistics expertise to Betterbrand's strong inventory management tools, providing additional confidence for the product rollout plans. 

"We are proud to work with Betterbrand as it prepares for its upcoming retail expansion. Our facilities in North America can help Betterbrand avoid many global supply chain problems while still producing quality and affordable supplement products," said Jake Hadlock, CEO of Nutriient. 

Betterbrand also has taken steps to recruit staff adept at navigating the global economy, leveraging a global network of contacts to secure the highest quality ingredients and packaging components. In addition, Betterbrand is building reserves of in-demand ingredients, especially immune-boosting ingredients such as elderberry, to facilitate its planned retail expansion. 

For its brand refresh, which includes unique custom green bottles with screen printing, Betterbrand pivoted to focus on partnering with North American-based packaging manufacturers to avoid ongoing problems with port congestion and shipping slowdowns.

Betterbrand continues to emphasize building long-term relationships with other suppliers, establishing the necessary relationships to get ahead of known supply chain issues. Having already applied its blueprint for success to three SKUs, Betterbrand predicts a smooth rollout of its next two respiratory products.


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Founded in 2019, Betterbrand aims for "better living through science" and designs data-backed products made from natural ingredients. Each product developed is reviewed by medical doctors in their internal Medical Advisory Committee and tested by Eurofins Scientific. Betterbrand offers premium products at affordable prices. For more information, please visit You may also reach Betterbrand via and toll-free at 877-851-8979.

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Founded in 2019, Betterbrand aims for "better living through science" and designs data-backed products made from natural ingredients.