Vessl, Inc. Introduces Tea of a Kind RECOVERY Beverage Developed in Collaboration With NFL Athlete Marshawn Lynch

 ​Vessl, Inc. announced the launch of a game-changing product with NFL star and entrepreneur Marshawn Lynch. The drink, called RECOVERY, was developed by one of Vessl’s beverage brands, Tea of a Kind, with the help of Beast Mode himself. Inspired by the high physical demand of being a professional athlete, Lynch sought a product that would provide optimal recovery after a tough workout, practice, or an overall challenging day. RECOVERY delivers robust levels of Vitamin C, B Vitamins, and Zinc, along with plentiful antioxidants. The patented Vessl™ closure and delivery device, which stores the active ingredients, is purged of oxygen and pressurized with an inert gas to prevent degradation. Opening the Vessl™ closure fires the ingredients into the bottle and creates a sensational plume effect.

In order for RECOVERY to have maximum impact, Vessl will donate a portion of the price of each bottle sold to Marshawn Lynch’s charity, FAM1ST FAMILY FOUNDATION. During the COVID-19 crisis, Lynch and his dedicated team have been working tirelessly to support those in need, through the provision of PPE equipment, food and beverages, and much more in an effort to help keep the community healthy and safe. Walter Apodaca, CEO and Founder of Vessl notes, “As a byproduct of creating this new beverage, I wanted to make sure we support front-line workers and communities in a meaningful way during this crisis and beyond.  Marshawn and his foundation have created a tremendous opportunity to do exactly that.” Founded in 2011, the Fam 1st Family Foundation was established to ensure that youth from Oakland, California, were provided with opportunities to expand their horizons through sports and family support services. Since inception, the Fam 1st Family Foundation has focused on underserved youth around the world, aiming to build new generations of innovative thinkers. The Fam 1st Family Foundation uses sports as a metaphor for life, emphasizing adaptability, resilience, and determination.

Marshawn adds, “At the end of the day, its ‘bout recovery and moving forward. Doesn’t matter if it’s a workout, yo’ health, spirit, finances or whatever, even rebuilding the community is a bounce back. When I first turned the Vessl cap, I was kinda trippin'. That’s almost what it’s like to go into Beastmode. Turn, click, drop and take a shot, and we back at it.”

RECOVERY (with Vessl Immunity Boost™) is available online at Amazon (  and in retail locations.


About Vessl Inc.

Vessl, Inc. ( is a privately owned company based in Tempe, Arizona, dedicated to eliminating the disposable bottle paradigm and re-defining eCommerce. Vessl​ owns the worldwide, exclusive rights to the patented Vessl™ closure and delivery device, which allows the delivery of fresh ingredients without the need for artificial preservatives. Vessl sells its Vessl™ closure for various proprietary and third-party applications around the world, including its own Tea of a Kind (, as well as Kalvara​ ( and other brands. Contact Daniel Montoya, COO, at 1(949) 678-7338 or for further information.

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