Virdi Enters Exclusive Agreement to Supply Procan Labs With Vessl™ Closures for Cannabis Applications in California

Virdi, LLC today announced an agreement to supply cannabis oil manufacturer Procan Labs with its Vessl closures for cannabis applications on an exclusive basis in California. The new supply arrangement will allow Procan to produce the cannabis infused cocktail Kalvara and other THC and CBD brands.

The Kalvara cannabis cocktail was the first cannabis product to utilize the Vessl technology, and won the 2019 Connoisseur Cup in its first year entered in the prestigious competition. Kalvara outshined the competition with the use of the Vessl™ closure and its ability to preserve natural ingredients without the use of artificial preservatives. The Vessl™ closure delivers a precise dose of THC or any functional ingredient to the consumer every single time. In the cannabis industry, edible and drinkable products are notorious for their inability to provide a consistent dosage with each serving. Kalvara has solved this problem by its use of the Vessl™ closure. The new supply arrangement will allow Procan to use the Vessl closure on Kalvara, Procan proprietary brands, and other brands that it manufactures.

"Virdi could not be more excited about the opportunity to sell Vessl closures to such a great group," said Aaron Harris, Senior Vice President of Operations for Virdi. "We are thankful that Procan Labs recognizes that the patented Vessl closure allows Procan to provide fresh, healthy and innovative beverage products in the cannabis and CBD markets."

Virdi currently sells the Vessl closure for use with THC based beverages to licensed distributers in Nevada, Colorado, and New Mexico. The patented Vessl closure blocks damaging ultraviolet light and is pressurized with an inert gas to evacuate oxygen, thereby allowing for the preservation of all-natural ingredients without artificial preservatives. THC beverages tend to lose their efficacy unless refrigerated and/or have artificial preservatives. The Vessl closure allows for THC beverages to be shelf stable at room temperature, and allows for the environmentally friendly use of reusable bottles by simply refilling a bottle with water and twisting on a new Vessl closure.

"We believe our use of the Vessl technology will resonate with health-conscious California consumers who focus on freshness and precision," commented Mark Unterbach, CEO of Procan. "We are excited to produce the award-winning Kalvara and showcase the benefits of the Vessl technology by using the Vessl closure on other THC-infused and CBD beverage brands in California."

About Virdi LLC

Virdi, LLC is a privately-owned company based in Tempe, Arizona and is the exclusive supplier of the patented Vessl™ closure ( for consumable liquid cannabis beverage applications in the US and Canada. The Vessl™ closure is a dosing and dispensing device that allows the delivery of fresh ingredients without the need for artificial preservatives. Virdi sells the patented Vessl™ closures, trademarked packaging materials, proprietary formulas, beverage manufacturing equipment, packaging machines, and clean room infrastructure to distributors that produce and distribute trademarked and private or white label brands for cannabis and other beverage applications.

About Procan Labs

Started in 2017, Procan Labs exists to keep the California cannabis supply chain stabilized and reliable with clean, compliant products required by licensed manufacturers. Our proprietary cold-pressed process insures there are no impurities or harmful residual solvents in our oil, distillate or Terpenes. Today, we are a leader in cannabis extraction and a trusted partner with cultivators and manufacturers throughout California.

Contact:  Mark Unterbach

Phone:  925-984-3937


About Vessl, Inc.

Vessl, Inc. ( is a privately-owned company based in Tempe, Arizona, dedicated to eliminating the disposable bottle paradigm and re-defining eCommerce. Vessl owns the worldwide, exclusive rights to the patented Vessl closure and delivery device, which allows the delivery of fresh ingredients without the need for artificial preservatives. Vessl sells its Vessl™ closure for various proprietary and third-party applications around the world, including its own Tea of a Kind (, as well as Kalvara ( and other brands. Tea of a Kind is distributed in 26 states, at major retailers, convenience stores, a wide variety of independent accounts, and online on our website and other eCommerce platforms.

Contact: Daniel Montoya, Chief Operating Office

Phone: (949) 678-7338


Source: Virdi, LLC