Vertical Vs Horizontal Cartridge Dust Collection Systems

This article contains 7 major differences between vertical and horizontal industrial dust collection systems. At Imperial Systems' we are experts in the industrial dust collection field and this article contains information from our expert sources.

At Imperial Systems we develop and manufacture all necessary components for industrial air filtration. With this type of industrial manufacturing comes a responsibility to inform the industrial world with educational content regarding industrial air pollution equipment and systems.

One popular discussion that has spiked the company's interest is to inform the industrial world of the major differences between horizontal and vertical cartridge dust and fume collectors.

At Imperial System's the preference is vertical cartridge dust collectors. The company has published an article, to their website, containing seven key factors that contribute to this vertical cartridge collector preference.

The article is formatted in a user friendly numerical sequence containing the contributing seven key factors as well as graphics and explanations. As experts in the industrial dust collection field, the article contains insight from Imperials' own dust collection sales engineers as well as project engineers to justify the validity of the article.

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