CMAXX Industrial Dust Collector: Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic Plant Clean Up

Imperial Systems CMAXX Industrial Dust Collector cleans up at a Pennsylvania Fiberglass plant. Read about how the process unfolded.

Located in the heart of central Pennsylvania, this fiberglass pultrusion manufacturing plant is one of the most established United States manufacturing companies. Founded in 1974, this fiberglass construction manufacturer is a global distributor specialized in replacing old steel, wood, and aluminum structures with lighter, sturdier, fiberglass reinforced plastic construction. Whether it is reinforcing the underwater structures of the fountains at the Bellagio Hotel and Casino, or protecting the many steel pipes inside the Hoover Dam; fiberglass pultrusion manufacturing has become a mainstay in the manufacturing industry and Bedford Reinforced Plastics is at the top of it.

Challenge: The company manufactures seven days a week and 24 hours a day. As a company that works all hours of the clock and uses many applications including CNC, Sanding, Blasting, and chop saws, an industrial dust collection system was more than necessary.

The combination of around the clock manufacturing with a variety of dust and fume producing applications had caused an enormous amount of dust build up in the manufacturing shop. Not only is the created dust and fume a fire hazard, but it is also a concerning health hazard for the company's employees.

Solution: After doing his research and ultimately finding Imperial Systems on a Google search for industrial dust collectors. Tom F., decided to purchase a CMAXX CM-024 dust collection system from Imperial Systems.

"I decided to do business with Imperial Systems because I liked the craftsmanship and quality of the dust collector systems that Imperial Systems manufacture." said Tom

Since Imperial has a true systems background, which sets them apart from all of their competitors, the company was able to move quickly with the dust collector system installation. From the conceptual state, through quoting and design, and finally on through the installation, Imperial Systems was able to take care of anything and everything that had to do with the CMAXX- 024 dust collection system.

To this day, the system is running smoothly; according to Tom, things could not be better in the manufacturing shop. As a return customer for Imperial Systems, the company purchases Imperial's own DeltaMAXX Replacement Cartridge Filters for their CMAXX Model.