Announces Release of CallConnect™ to Modernize Call Centers With Conversational SMS

Verse CallConnect, the market leader in humanized conversational texting and customer outreach automation, is on a mission to bring the power of SMS to the entire customer journey. Today, the company announced the launch of CallConnect™ - the newest addition to their robust engagement platform, aimed at serving large lead generating enterprises. Today, growing companies with large internal and external call center operations rely heavily on phone calls and email, and Verse believes their SMS solutions help lower costs dramatically by making teams far more efficient, and significantly more effective. Verse customers report measurable customer engagement increases of 50-300%, and cost reductions of 30-60%.

"We are always looking for new ways to remove friction from the customer experience.  87% of consumers don't answer phone calls anymore, and 90% prefer to text. CallConnect™ is the next step in the evolution of our platform and is aimed at helping companies leverage two-way texting to start authentic conversations with new prospects and drive conversationally qualified opportunities via inbound calls to their call centers & inside sales teams," said David Tal, CEO and co-founder of Verse. "Cold-Calling customers & prospects is ineffective, highly inefficient, and the consumer does not like to be called dozens of times. Leveraging SMS to enable efficient, convenient and authentic conversations is the future of customer engagement."

CallConnect™ joins the suite of Verse's conversation automation solutions that focus on engaging with consumers via text message (SMS) through two-way conversations, powered by proprietary human-guided Artificial Intelligence (AI). Businesses use Verse to respond to and qualify new leads, book demos and appointments with sales, send reminders and much more. Specifically, CallConnect™ identifies which consumer inquiries are ready to speak with a business and schedules a "connected call" between the two parties. Verse starts those conversations over SMS, then gets the customer on the phone when the customer is ready to talk, and transfers the call in real time to the business, transforming cold leads into qualified inbound calls.

"This is a game-changer for large call centers and sales operations that still rely on outdated technology and endless cold calling tactics that aren't effective anymore. We need to meet the modern consumer with modern engagement strategies that consumers not only prefer but increasingly expect. We need to remove friction from the customer journey, and we built CallConnect™ to do exactly that. " - David Tal.


Verse is a next-generation Conversational Texting Platform built for sales and marketing teams. Blending powerful AI and real humans, Verse helps businesses engage, qualify, and convert inbound leads for marketing and sales teams. Our mission is to help companies win more business by powering real authentic two-way text conversations with their consumers at the moments that matter most, while creating the most efficient and pleasant customer experience possible.

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