and SolarNexus Announce Integration Partnership

Focusing on Providing Enterprise-Level SMS Lead Conversion to Growing Companies Serving the Solar-Plus-Storage Industry

Verse <> SolarNexus Partnership and SolarNexus announced today that the companies have entered into a strategic partnership, adding SMS-based lead conversion to the SolarNexus business management tool and extending Verse's reach to small and mid-tier solar and energy storage businesses.

The agreement brings together two powerful tech platforms with the goal of improving conversions at the top of the sales funnel for solar installers. Verse is a next-generation SMS Conversational Texting platform built to help businesses engage, qualify, and convert inbound leads into highly qualified appointments, and SolarNexus is a software solution that helps solar contractors efficiently scale.

"We're always looking to amplify the utility of our service by partnering with leading platforms in the industries we serve," said Paul Love, Vice President of Business Development at Verse. "Providing solar installers with an integrated solution to automate lead engagement and gain access to full-funnel analytics provides them with a needed advantage in the highly competitive solar and energy storage space."

"Solar contracting is a demanding industry undergoing constant change," said Robert W. Cross, CRO at SolarNexus. "We are focused on providing solutions for our clients that are impactful to their business and adding Verse to our platform does just that."

The Verse Solution

Verse is a next-generation Conversational Texting Platform built for sales and marketing teams. Blending powerful AI and real humans, Verse helps businesses engage, qualify, and convert inbound leads for marketing and sales teams. Our mission is to help companies win more business by powering real authentic two-way text conversations with their consumers at the moments that matter most while creating the most efficient and pleasant customer experience possible.

About SolarNexus 

SolarNexus finds and resolves business inefficiencies using its operational expertise in solar contracting and enterprise software. We provide a full suite of sales and operations tools backed by professional services that enable contractors to scale. Our mission is to accelerate the adoption of distributed solar and energy-saving technologies by increasing the efficiency and productivity of the contracting companies offering those services. 

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