Veery Capital Celebrates 10 Years of Continuous Growth

The rebranded firm has already created a meaningful impact in the greater Deleware community within its first decade of business.

Leading retirement planning and wealth management firm Veery Capital is celebrating 10 years in business in the state of Delaware. Headquartered in Wilmington, the firm has remained committed to serving its clients and giving back to the community since its formation. 

When considering the new branding direction for the firm in 2021, Veery Capital's executive team sought a name that spoke to the company's Delaware roots. The Veery bird, which is part of a particularly small North American thrush species, was selected to be the inspiration for the firm's new name. 

The Veery bird is known to migrate to multiple areas throughout the state of Delaware during the spring migration period. In many ways, Veery Capital has experienced a similar journey, as the firm has progressed to work with new clients and engage new initiatives with partners from different parts of the country.  

"It's amazing that a year has passed since we re-branded to Veery Capital and 10 years since relocating to Wilmington. We continue to seek opportunities that enhance our client service, as well as expand our impact on our community. I look forward to the journey in the years to come," said Christopher Benfer, partner at Veery Capital. 

In addition to Benfer, partners Matthew MacNeal, Cortney Milner, and Kathleen Simolike have been with the firm since the very beginning. Since then, the company has expanded to offer tailored institutional and individual client services. In leveraging the team's collective experience in the world of finance, Veery Capital has been able to provide personalized and detailed solutions to client challenges.

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