Vantage LED USA Celebrates 15 Years of Innovation as LED Design Power House

For 15 years, Vantage LED USA has been delivering innovative LED displays and disrupting the digital signage industry with positive, forward-thinking change. From the giant LED sphere recently completed at Ocean Resort to the GPS-enabled ad trucks on the Vegas strip, Vantage has always been known as a trusted design house for LED display solutions, software, and integration.

Vantage LED USA

Since its inception in 2003, Vantage LED USA has worked hard to disrupt the perception that all manufacturers are alike ...and delivered a revolution. Over the years, Vantage’s powerful design and development programs have demonstrated what a focused team can deliver when tasked with the unique challenges and purpose of digital signage.

“In everything you do, make an impact...and that’s the purpose of digital signage; that’s the underlying motto and purpose of Vantage LED USA.” says Chris Ma, CEO and Founder.

In everything you do, make an impact...and that's the purpose of digital signage; that's the underlying motto and purpose of Vantage LED USA.

Chris Ma, CEO and Founder

In 2003, Vantage LED USA bridged a widening gap of display quality and end user experience. They introduced a quality LED display geared to the OEM market that also included their first software revolution: LightSpeedTM Media Software. It focused on ease-of-use, more flexible content creation options, use of TrueType Fonts, and creating content in practically any language...along with a lot of standard PC-like functions, like ‘drag and drop’ to put a graphic or animation into a message schedule. It was a leap forward from the antiquated and disjointed software produced by competitors at the time.

“It’s one of those programs where the source code is so fundamentally sound that most of it is still used to this day in the latest versions of LightSpeedTM updated to run our virtual scoreboards, one-click instant action content, and live video integration for sports and events,” said Scott Hofheins, Vantage LED USA Specialist.

By focusing on what truly mattered to their OEM partners and display owners, they were able to build a trusted reputation becoming known as the best-kept secret for quality LED displays in the industry.

Fast forward to 2012 when they jumped into the traditional dealer market under their own Vantage branding expanding to reach more dealers and disrupt a stagnant market by giving more choice and power to consumers. This was a welcome boost to dealers in the industry looking for a better way and a better product.

Shortly after the expansion, they announced the arrival of SM InfinityTM, a true cloud-based system available to the masses. This idea had been floating in the industry for a while, but was limited to custom installations and the billboard market.

“Everyone in the industry talked about the idea, but nobody had the courage to make it happen until Chris Ma and Vantage,” explained Hofheins. “He has always run this company with that type of fearless approach since the beginning; it’s refreshing and one of the reasons people have been strongly attracted to Vantage.”

SM InfinityTM also included some of its own revolutionary features, like integrated professional message creation service, automated emergency alerts tied directly to IPAWS/FEMA, and the compatibility to run on other manufacturers' displays helping many display owners whose original manufacturer went out of business. It even has a custom GPS tracking feature, custom-built and designed for Silver Lining Advertising, a mobile LED advertising business in Las Vegas. It ensures ad content only changes when the truck is stopped and manages the playtime of content to spread it out evenly as the truck makes it rounds.

Outside of software, Vantage has also been a disruptor in the service and warranty area by providing a 7 Year Parts Warranty, 7 Year On-Site Parts Replacement Service, Lighting and Vandalism Protection, and 1 Year Content Creation via SM InfinityTM included with all displays. This covers the majority of concerns for display owners (and dealers) who want a fully supported quality display and great looking professional content, so they get the most out of their investment.

“We’re relentless. Every year, we look forward to pushing our industry. And, the ISA Sign Expo has become our launching pad for new Power House ideas. This is why everybody is always asking, ‘What’s next?’” Said Paul Martin, Marketing Director at Vantage LED USA.

Recently, Vantage LED USA was featured in the September edition of Sign Builder Illustrated for the re-engineering and resurrection of the iconic 40’ LED sphere for Ocean Resort Casino in Atlantic City. Vantage’s expertise on high profile projects is well known like the multiple giant LED displays designed for the 2014 FanFest events in Brazil during the World Cup, or the cinematically matched frame rate displays used for the Hollywood movie “In Time” with Justin Timberlake. Given these past projects, the giant sphere at Ocean Resort Casino was a perfect fit for a design house like Vantage.

According to the article, the challenges involved engineering against a destructive ocean-side atmosphere, pre-plotting a layout requiring customized & brighter LED “pucks”  that would display content on a sphere visible from over 2+ miles, and integrating the display onto Vantage’s cloud-based software to help with daily diagnostics and reporting on the sphere’s operation. In total, almost 22,000 LED pucks make up the digital sphere.

Other notable projects by Vantage over their celebrated 15 year history include a 46 ft long billboard installed 50 ft high on the side of semi truck for Motley’s Auction in Richmond, VA, a wrap-around display for the famous Pawn Stars Plaza in Las Vegas, and a custom outdoor and indoor display integration project for Maverick Helicopters, a company that gives heli-tours over places like Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon.

Vantage LED USA, their product, the culture, and the team behind it all have inspired positive change for the industry. It’s this fortitude and courageous approach to LED displays that has solidified Vantage as an LED design power-house, or if you’ve seen their latest brochure: a “Kick Ass Design House.”

Go Vantage.

Source: Vantage LED USA

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