VALO Holdings Group and SurgeTrader CEO Jana Seaman Support Big Sky Bravery With $50,000 Donation at Penultimate Stop of 2023 Gold Rush Rally

VALO Holdings Group and its CEO Jana Seaman announce their support of the Montana-based organization Big Sky Bravery as part of their Gold Rush Rally philanthropic tour across the western United States.

VALO Holdings Group, a leading investment firm, and SurgeTrader, a prominent prop trading platform, proudly announce their support for Big Sky Bravery at the penultimate stop of the highly anticipated 2023 Gold Rush Rally. The VALO Holdings Group team, led by their esteemed CEO, Jana Seaman, participated in the rally and made a significant contribution of $50,000 to the Big Sky, Montana charity.

Throughout the Gold Rush Rally, VALO Holdings Group and SurgeTrader demonstrated their commitment to corporate social responsibility by selecting a charitable organization to support at each stop of the race. For the Montana leg of the rally, they chose to support Big Sky Bravery, an exceptional non-profit organization founded in 2015. Big Sky Bravery's mission is to provide weeklong programs known as "Task Forces" in the restorative surroundings of Montana. These Task Forces offer all-expense paid, world-class experiences to individuals who have served in the military, granting them a rare opportunity to decompress, rediscover what was lost on the battlefield, and experience the hope and freedom they are all fighting for. 

Upon arriving in Big Sky, Montana, the VALO Holdings Group team showcased their commitment to making a positive impact in the community by presenting a generous donation of $50,000 to Big Sky Bravery. This substantial contribution will help further the organization's mission and support their efforts in providing transformative experiences for military veterans. 

CEO Jana Seaman expressed her enthusiasm for the collaboration with Big Sky Bravery, stating, "As the widow of a decorated special forces veteran, the mission at Big Sky Bravery resonated with us and our VALO Holdings Group family. We are honored to support Big Sky Bravery and their mission to provide life-changing experiences to our brave servicemen and women. The VALO Holdings Group team is humbled by the opportunity to contribute to such a remarkable cause. Through this donation, we hope to express our gratitude and appreciation for the sacrifices made by our veterans and help them find healing and solace in Montana's breathtaking surroundings."

Big Sky Bravery, through their Task Forces, creates a safe and nurturing environment for veterans to connect, heal, and build lasting friendships with others who have experienced similar challenges. The organization's programs focus on physical activities, wellness, and therapeutic experiences, all designed to foster personal growth and healing.

Founder and CEO of Big Sky Bravery, Josh McCain, expressed heartfelt gratitude for the generous donation from VALO Holdings Group, saying, "We are incredibly grateful for the support from VALO Holdings Group and SurgeTrader. Their contribution will have a profound impact on our organization, allowing us to continue providing transformative experiences for our nation's heroes. We are truly honored to have been chosen as the recipient of their support during the Gold Rush Rally."

VALO Holdings Group and SurgeTrader's collaboration with Big Sky Bravery demonstrates their dedication to giving back to the communities they visit during the Gold Rush Rally. As they conclude their participation in the rally, their commitment to corporate social responsibility remains steadfast, leaving a positive and lasting impression on the lives of those they support.

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