Vacos Cam Conquers Darkness With Groundbreaking, True Full-Color Night Vision Tech

Vacos Cam AI Battery-Powered Security Camera

​​​Vacos Cam – a 100% wire-free, battery-powered, AI security camera – defeats the darkness with revolutionary, true full-color night vision technology.

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How Vacos Cam Turns Night into Day

Not all security cameras with IR LEDs and supplement lights are true full-color night vision cameras. Vacos Cam, with Sony full-color night vision image sensor, delivers vivid and colorful footage at night. Traditional night vision cameras have already turned into B&W images in the same lighting conditions.

In complete darkness, the built-in supplement light of the battery-powered security camera will turn on automatically to provide enough brightness for maintaining true full-color night vision videos.

The unrivaled full-color night vision is also realized with the WDR, 3D DNR and BLC (backlight compensation).

WDR balances the lighting and ensures the even lighting in all areas of an image, delivering true-to-life images in the strongest light contrast conditions.

3D DNR, taking traditional DNR technology a step further, eliminates the image noise in darkness for crystal images.

The BLC enables the Wi-Fi IP security camera to adjust the exposure of the entire image for clear footage.

In other words, the true full-color night vision sensor, the warm supplement light, plus WDR, 3D DNR & BLC, are the core of turning night into day.

More on Features, Less on Prices

Vacos Cam, equipped with the PIR + AI detection, removes the false alerts pain. Upon an object approaching the camera, the PIR sensor senses the heat of the object. If the object's temperature is around a human’s body temperature, the AI algorithm will be activated to identify if it’s a human.

Built with a 16 GB eMMC, a much more advanced storage card than traditional microSD cards, the wire-free IP camera delivers local storage without monthly fees. Besides the local storage, users can enjoy 90-day free cloud storage for saving motion videos.​

The battery-operated security camera is also perfect for environmentalists. It has a built-in rechargeable battery. Thus, users don’t need to buy replacement batteries. By connecting the camera to Vacos Solar Panel, the camera absorbs the power from the sun for an eco-friendly and non-stop power supply.

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About Vacos

Vacos aims to be the global pioneer in smart homes to bring the finest smart security solutions for customers worldwide. Vacos' deep expertise in seamless Wi-Fi connection, top-class cloud and AI technology all enable Vacos team to develop seamless smart security products for customers to create a 100% connected home.

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