Vacos App Delivers Safest Way for Unlimited Remote Control With Multi-Level Encryptions

Vacos App

​​​Vacos, dedicated to delivering a smart & helpful home to customers globally, adopts the most advanced & latest AES-256, HTTPS, 2-step verification and Vacos’ private protocols & encryptions to ensure the data transmission & download are extremely hackproof.

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256-AES – Most Robust Security Protocol

AES, the abbreviation of Advanced Encryption Standard, is a symmetric-key algorithm for both encrypting and decrying the data, and is a variant of Rijndael with a key size of 128, 192 and 256 bits.

AES Type Key Length Block Size

Number of Rounds

128-AES 4 4 10
192-AES 6 4 12
256-AES 8 4 14

AES, currently the most powerful security protocol, is suitable for both software and hardware. Vacos App adopts the highest length key – the 256-bit AES key - for video data encryption & decryption, making users’ data extremely hackproof and providing excellent long-term security against the brute-force attacks.

HTTPS – Most Secure Way to Protect Data Transmission

Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS), is an advanced leap from the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP), used for securing communication over Internet. Vacos App, with HTTPS, is encrypted by Transport Layer Security (TLS) or Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), protecting the data transmission against eavesdropping and tampering.

2-Step Verification – Ensure Your Account Security

When users change another smartphone for accessing Vacos Cam remotely, a verification code will be sent to users’ account email or phone number for users to verify the account. Users cannot access the battery-powered security camera without the correct verification code.

In other words, when switching to another mobile phone, users can gain access to Vacos Cam only with the correct account password and verification code. The 2-step verification code ensures customers’ accounts is extremely secure. Even the account name and password are acquired by others, they cannot hack into your camera without the verification code.

Vacos App, with powerful smart features, like the remote live stream, app push notifications, remote playback, instant two-way audio, etc. delivers the easiest way for customers to keep connected with their families wherever.

The multi-level encryptions and protocols – 256-AES, HTTPS, TLS or SSL, two-factor verification, keep Vacos App from vicious hackers and ensure the stream transmission & download and data encryption & decryption are secure from the top to bottom.

About Vacos

Vacos aims to be a global pioneer in smart homes to bring the finest smart security solutions for customers worldwide. Vacos' deep expertise in seamless Wi-Fi connection, top-class cloud and AI technology all enable Vacos team to develop seamless smart security products for customers to create a 100% connected home.

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