"Vac Attack Grout Cleaner": Keeps Hard-to-Clean Grout Channels Spotless and Pristine With Ease

​If you suffer from having to be on your hands and knees to keep your tile floors clean, then you will benefit from the new Vac Attack Grout Cleaner.  This is an upright, scrubbing and vacuum cleaner specially designed for cleaning grout in tile flooring. It features variously sized, interchangeable, replaceable scrubbing wheels and a vacuum to suction up liquid, dirt and debris. The design intent is to provide a simpler and more effective means of cleaning tile grout of any color without the hassles of manual labor, costly professionals or the potential danger and damage caused by harsh chemicals or steam. It is strong enough to work well on tough commercial floors just as it does in a home or office.

The Vac Attack Grout Cleaner is an upright unit resembling a vacuum cleaner and operates on motorized power. It is simple to manage from a standing position and has a removable collection canister for the unit which is easy to remove and empty the contents. Two 2” wheels are positioned at the back of the base just below the unit’s motor and a replaceable brush-enhanced 2 ½ inch wheel is located at the front. This wheel provides the scrubbing action to the grout channels and has a variety of widths. After spraying the floor surface with a cleanser, the user guides the front wheel along the grout channel. The wet vacuum follows to suction dirty residue left behind; in a matter of minutes the grout is clean and pristine.  Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Vac Attack Grout Cleaner.
The Patent Pending Vac Attack Grout Cleaner was invented by Richard Gordon of Loves Park, IL   who said, “When using this appliance nasty residue disappears from grout lines quickly and easily. It saves time and energy, let alone the trauma on the body to clean grout on the hands and knees. It cleans without the need for dangerous chemicals or steam keeping the tile floors and environment safe and secure. It works.”

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