UTU.ONE App Gets Influential With Amanda Cerny

Amanda Cerny Joins the UTU.ONE Social App.

As one of the most followed female influencers, Amanda Cerny is known for her success on YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat. Utilizing her massive following to its full potential, Amanda has created several digital marketing campaigns for large brands and become a United Nations Environmental Ambassador. She is recognized globally for her sense of humor, charitable causes and incredible talent.  

"Amanda knows that there are few limits when it comes to building an audience on social media," explains Gordon Weiske, CSO of UTU.ONE. "No matter what the platform, Amanda has had remarkable success, and we look forward to having her on board as UTU.ONE prepares to launch officially." 

Amanda Cerny's CERNY token and her DAC (Decentralized Autonomous Community) went live Sept. 21, 2021. 

About UTU.ONE 

UTU (User to User) is a blockchain-based social platform that addresses the fundamental issues preventing sustainable growth in the world of social media—utilizing the EOS blockchain and a native token economy, UTU.ONE can eliminate many of the problems that plague social media today, such as fake news, dangerous online groups and more. It acts as a foundation for publishers and influencers alike by rewarding users with an instant cryptocurrency reward for their actions on the platform. Users can also spend those tokens across other platforms. Blockchain, UTU provides a safe, secure and transparent environment for businesses and users to thrive within.

To join Amanda and UTU.ONE, please visit: https://signup.utu.one/amanda-cerny-join-dac 

Media inquires contact: pressrelease@utu.one

Source: UTU.ONE

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