USPA Investigators Join the Search for Caitlyn Case

Members of USPA Nationwide Security's Nonprofit Wing are Assisting in the Search for Caitlyn Case, Missing for More Than a Year

Caitlyn Case

USPA Nationwide Security has formally joined the investigation into the whereabouts of Caitlyn Case, a 33-year-old Louisiana woman who has been missing since Aug. 5, 2022.

At the time of her disappearance, Caitlyn Case was working as a technical mechanic and living in Colorado. She had returned to her family home in Houma, Louisiana, to purchase a vehicle. Case was in the process of driving that vehicle back to Colorado when her parents lost contact with her on Aug. 5.

Gordon Case, Caitlyn's father, was in touch with his daughter until about 5 p.m. on Aug. 5 when their call dropped.

"The setting of the case is simply harrowing: a woman traveling alone, lost on very remote stretches of highway, coming in and out of cell phone reception," said USPA's founder and investigative team lead Mike Evans. "This is any parent's worst nightmare. We believe that someone in the vicinity of Paris, Texas, knows what happened to Caitlyn."

By Aug. 8, 2022, Caitlyn's parents Peg and Gordon Case, were able to obtain cell records placing Caitlyn's phone just north of Paris, Texas, in the vicinity of Hugo, Oklahoma. By Aug. 12, they were able to find the phone's precise location on the edge of a large private property in Hugo, along the Kiamichi River.

Caitlyn's father, Gordon, was the first to arrive at the gated property and locate Caitlyn's vehicle. The vehicle had been driven down the private road toward the Kiamichi River and pushed over an approximately 75-foot embankment.

The vehicle flipped and was stuck on two trees, never entering the water. Inside were all the clothes Caitlyn was wearing the day she left her parents, including her shoes, cell phone and other belongings. Only two of Caitlyn's fingerprints (in total) were found in the vehicle, suggesting that the vehicle had been wiped down.

Following the discovery of the vehicle, witnesses came forward who saw two vehicles enter the gated, private property at approximately 11 p.m. on Aug. 5, 2022, with only one vehicle exiting at a high rate of speed.

Nationally known crime reporter and analyst Nancy Grace is set to feature Caitlyn's story on her nationwide series "Crime Stories with Nancy Grace." The episode is anticipated to air in the coming days and includes USPA's Brian Fitzgibbons as a guest.

According to Nic Huber at The Paris News, the local law enforcement agencies assisting OSBI include the Paris Police Department, Lamar County Sheriff's Office and the Lamar County District Attorney's Office.

In its efforts to locate victims of human trafficking, Kingsman, USPA's nonprofit wing, employs security contractors, licensed private investigators, former detectives, special agents, and experienced military operators. It is primarily funded by donations derived from a profit share with its parent organization USPA Nationwide Security.

Source: USPA Nationwide Security