USA Toyz Extends Their Line of Astroshot Shooting Games With Targets for Kids

All of the Astroshot toy gun games come with cool shooting targets

Astroshot Shooting Toys and Targets

This week, USA Toyz, a robust online toy store, is rolling out two more action-packed shooting targets with foam blaster guns. Both Astroshot toy sets come with toy guns and stationary targets so that kids can enjoy target practice or compete as teams in target shooting games.

Last year, USA Toyz launched the original Astroshot Zero G target practice set with floating orbs. To improve upon the success of Zero G, USA Toyz is introducing the Astroshot Zero GX, a glow-in-the-dark version that offers two target modes – gravity-defying and knock-down targets. The set comes with a space gun blaster, 12 foam darts, 10 orb targets and five knock-down targets. Users can hone their foam dart shooting skills by shooting down the floating target orbs or switching over to glow-in-the-dark flip targets by installing the small shooting boards and knocking them down one by one.

The wild West meets intergalactic space guns in this shooting gallery that features a heroic space battle soundtrack. Yes, the drama is built-in, so target-shooting enthusiasts can play with or without music. It’s extra fun to play these easy shooting games for kids in the dark as an outdoor or indoor target shooting game. The foam dart target game set is safe for kids aged 6 and up and is compatible with Nerf toys and Nerf gun accessories.

This exclusive Astroshot Zero GX glow-in-the-dark shooting game is available on Amazon for $34.99 with free Prime shipping.

Looking for shooting games with ball popper guns? Enter the Astroshot Gemini that comes with two air blaster toy guns, 24 soft foam balls and one space-themed standing target that is almost three feet in height. The pump-action toy guns and foam balls in two different colors allow for fun, multi-player games. The galactic target stand comes equipped with mesh ball catchers to catch the foam balls and features a score tracker to see who gets the most points.

Players lock and load by pushing the foam balls into the canister, one by one. The pump-action propels the foam balls and shoots them up to 20 feet. Each air blaster gun can be loaded with up to 12 soft foam balls. They have a durable construction and ergonomic design that allows players to pump and shoot quickly.

These easy-fire foam ball blasters and shooting target do not require batteries and are safe for ages 6 and up.

The Astroshot Gemini target shooting game from USA Toyz is available on Amazon for $39.99 with free Prime shipping.

About USA Toyz:

USA Toyz is a brand owned by Kaliber Global, a top-tier Amazon seller and the fastest-growing retailer in Washington state (Inc. 500, 2017). 

Amber Norell​
Marketing Manager, USA Toyz

Source: USA Toyz