US Vessel Documentation Service Adds New Layers of Encryption for Optimal Applicant Security

Site has newly installed the highest level of security encryption for protected form submissions.

U.S. Vessel Documentation, Inc.

US Vessel Documentation, the online maritime documentation service, assists commercial and recreational owners of vessels in processing all necessary documents required by law. In addition to the seamless online services offered on the web, the site has recently upgraded security features that will keep a boater's registration information secure and private.  

Using the latest forms of encryption secured by GEOTrust, Inc., all users applying on the site can rest assure that all valuable vessel and payment information is 100 percent secure and safe from hackers. All forms offered, such as initial vessel documentation, transfers, and reinstatement come with modernized form signing technology that keeps the identity of the user safe. All such information transmitted through the website's easy-to-submit forms are sent through secure servers and processed quickly with an impeccable track record of speed.  

Abstract of Title is also important in assuring potential buyers that all liens and mortgages for a particular boat are satisfied with nothing outstanding. The service provides a search with a full report of any queried USCG documented vessel. The information contained is useful for finding out the manufacturing origins of a vessel, as well as all recordings of title changes made with the U.S. Coast Guard.

The normal process of submitting required documentation is normally a tedious process for most people, which is why US Vessel Documentation developed its web solution to have all forms in one place and submitted through an easy-to-use portal that covers all fees applied by the Coast Guard. Users submit their delivery information, the vessel's number, payment information, along with a preferred method of receipt, and the document is transmitted electronically using secure dedicated servers.  

US Vessel Documentation, Inc. is a private fee for service agency and is not affiliated with the United States Coast Guard or any other government agency. For more information, or to make a press inquiry, please call (213) 332-9255. 

Source: US Vessel Documentation, Inc.

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