US Coachways Introduces Crowd Trips - a Major Innovation in Public and Private Bus Trip Planning brings the power of crowdsourcing and ride-sharing to the charter bus industry.

CrowdTrips, a US Coachways company

US Coachways (USC) is pleased to announce the launch of Crowd Trips, a new platform that changes in the way customers plan and arrange public and private bus trips for organizations and events of every kind.

At, you can create and join trips, split travel costs on a bus chartered from the USC fleet and the largest network of independent bus operators nationwide. In addition, USC combines the buying power of the largest group hotel booking engines in the country to give customers the advantage of one-stop shopping for both transportation and lodging!

Mark Telmany, President of Crowd Trips, a US Coachways company, stated, “Technology continues to bring exciting changes to the business landscape. While our US Coachways trip consultants are always available by phone to help customers charter buses, vans and limos, our new Crowd Trips platform, puts you in control. Gone are the days where one person would have to bear the cost of the trip and manage collection among various attendees.”

The Crowd Trip system supports flexible payment options that guarantee an easy and secure method of splitting trip costs with friends or strangers, The system also stores all trip details in one secure location.

With Crowd Trips, you can arrange private or public trips. A public trip is a shared trip that is open for anyone to join. After setting up trip details, a group leader can invite friends, acquaintances or strangers by email or by sharing trip information through social media. Interested parties can go to, search for the trip, find out the number of seats still available, join the trip at their convenience and pay for one person or multiple people. Trip seats are updated in real time and the group leader or ‘bus captain’ can see the trip status at any time.

Private trips are not listed in the Crowd Trips website search results, however, the trips’ group leader(s) and the people who have been invited through email or social media sharing have access to the trip details. The group leader and event organizers decide departure and return times for a private trip, who to invite to join the trip and the trip itinerary.

“Public Trips have been especially popular among activist groups looking to bring together like-minded supporters, college age students looking for transportation home for school breaks and millennials looking for safe transportation to concerts and sporting events,” said President of Sales, Joseph Lucci.

Mr. Lucci added, “If you are organizing an event for a civic or social group, school, or sports team, Crowd Trips provides an opportunity to get up to a 10% discount or earn up to 10% on charters you organize!”

About US Coachways

US Coachways is a leading bus charter company providing quality transportation and personal service nationwide for point-to-point excursions, long-distance, overnight trips, special events and more. No matter where you are traveling in the United States, US Coachways bus charter rentals offer safe, reliable transportation at affordable rates for both large and small groups.

For more information on how US Coachways’ Crowd Trip platform works, visit Crowd Trips FAQ . Alternatively, you may call a US Coachways representative at (800) 287-2427 to learn more about getting started or send an email to the USC Sales department.

Source: Crowd Trips, a US Coachways company


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