US Coachways Responds to Women for America First Organizers' Accusations

US Coachways deeply regrets having to cancel organizers' trips; advises cancellation was due to last-minute declines of their credit card for final payment

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The Women for America First organization recently contacted US Coachways to transport groups of people from various locations throughout the United States to a rally in Washington DC, a project that US Coachways is well-suited for, having organized many similar projects over the last decade. 

Joe Heap, Chief Marketing Officer for US Coachways stated, “Our team began working with Cindy Chafian of Women for America in early October, after receiving an inquiry about pricing to charter multiple buses for October 16 departures. Knowing that organizers often don’t use as many vehicles as they originally request, US Coachways agents worked closely with the Chafian without a deposit or a reservation to ensure that vehicles were available for the tentative departure locations, dates and times.   

He added. “Our team explained our policy that full payment is due 24 hours prior to buses leaving the depot. However, we suspended our internal policy in order to accommodate the Women for America First organization up until late afternoon on the day of the trip. At that time, the organization made one partial payment. After the organizers’ credit cards repeatedly declined attempts to charge the remaining payment due, US Coachways was forced to cancel all requested vehicles. Subsequently, US Coachways refunded the partial payments that were made.”

Mr. Heap further noted, “Our company has been deeply maligned on social media outlets and want the general public to know that we sincerely regret having to cancel the charters as we know this event was very important to all who were planning to attend. We believe in free speech and people’s right to organize and share their beliefs and do not base our business decisions on politics.”

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