Upstryve Initiates Mentor Network for Trade Students to Meet Growing Job Demand in Workforce

Upstryve provides a long-awaited and much-needed mentor network in the trade industry

Upstryve Inc (Upstryve) Upstryve launched as a fast-growing online learning platform in late 2020. The company's core competency is its ability to connect aspiring trade professionals from construction to healthcare with individuals around the country in a one-on-one tutoring environment. The first of its kind for trade professionals, the company has expanded in its short time in over two dozen trades with nationwide availability. "We are already turning heads in the test prep market for trade professionals, there is a massive demand for our service. The outbreak of Covid-19 has changed the industry forever. Aspiring professionals can now be connected with industry experts from around the country and find everything they need in one place," states Noah Davis, Chief Executive Officer of Upstryve. 

Assisting the evolution of the trade industry, from its brick-and-mortar foundations to a tech resource space, Upstryve continues to set itself apart time and time again. Ambitious trade professionals will now be able to have a one-stop-shop for exam prep geared toward passing state certifications and licensing exams. The online bookstore is populated with state-by-state study guides and exam prep materials, while the site's main function leads the one-on-one tutoring training program.

The mentorship network program is a key component that facilitates a relationship that encourages a robust talent pipeline, by allowing veteran trade professionals access to up-and-coming students. Students benefit from the experienced professionals that not only teach from the books but impart their know-how in managing expectations in the field. This comprehensive environment facilitates a one-of-kind mentorship program that is valuable to students throughout their careers.

The Upstryve platform has created tools useful when matching tutor and student as well. "Within the trade industry, it's always a struggle to find the right fit for your exam prep needs. With Upstryve, we go through our catalog of experts that not only help you prepare, but also serve as guidance in this complex licensing process," stated Jo Viscaino, Chief Marketing Officer of Upstryve.

Upstryve continues to rapidly expand its roster of seasoned trade professionals. That, in tandem with its ever-growing collection of courses and study guides in the online bookstore, is the full service that aspiring trade professionals will utilize. 

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