Upstryve Crosses Seed Round Finish Line Hitting Max Goal Through Speedy Crowdfunding Campaign

Upstryve continues to distinguish itself in the trade exam industry with record time crowdfunding success

Upstryve, a newcomer to the fast-growing online tutoring community, announces success in its crowdfunding campaign. The company, which distinguishes itself by being the first online tutoring service specialized in the trade industry, is buzzing with excitement from reaching this milestone. From online courses to easy matchmaking for one-on-one tutoring, it is no wonder Upstryve surpassed crowdfunding goals by speaking to the very community it services. It is worth noting that investors behind the seed round are mostly active in the contractor industry and understand the opportunity when supplying a long overdue demand.

Jo Viscaino, Chief Marketing Officer for Upstryve says, "launching a startup is arduous work and you have to have a focused team and convincing faith in your product. Upstryve is lucky to have both ingredients and I believe this is what assisted in reaching our max goal with crowdfunding." The company cranked up their media volume through all social platforms and even collaborated with influencers in the field to spread the word of their concept and crowdfunding efforts. 

"The excitement around the company is palpable and the numbers don't lie," stated Noah Davis, CEO of Upstryve. "One of the reasons, among many, that Upstryve has excelled so rapidly is due to the niche market we function in, tutoring future nationwide trade professionals. Other online platforms simply do not offer a comprehensive portal that seamlessly connects tutors with students and students with every tool they need to pass their state licensing exams," continued Davis. 

Upstryve will use the funds from the seed round to build out infrastructure around its matchmaking platform, tutor to student direct communication and increasing customer acquisition. Upstryve was already profitable in 2020 and expects to see rapid growth in new customers and onboarded tutors as 2021 is off to a fast start.

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Johanna Viscaino. CMO


Source: Upstryve