Upper Echelon Sets Goals, Trains Leaders for the New Year

Upper Echelon's leaders are implementing objectives to maintain the firm's growth in 2016. The Director of Operations has set leadership goals for the New Year and discussed strategies for training leaders.

“I am a goal-oriented person, and I believe goals are essential for growth,” declared Nick, Upper Echelon’s Director of Operations. “Not only do I believe it’s necessary for individuals to have them, but businesses should as well. Goals keep an entire organization moving in the same direction, working to hit the same targets.”

This forward motion is vital if a business is to stay competitive in today’s global society, Nick stated. Business leaders who simply seek to maintain stability are in danger of losing relevancy. Constant innovation is required simply to maintain market share, let alone expand a company’s influence.

The Director elaborated, saying “At Upper Echelon, leaders set goals for every imaginable area of operations. In this way, we’re constantly improving our ability to serve the brands we represent and the consumers with whom we interact. Measurable objectives are the most effective ways I know to grow a business.”

Director of Upper Echelon Discusses Goals for Leadership Training

Nick recognizes that Upper Echelon’s success is based on the well-being of the individual team members who work there, and sets goals for their forward advancement. The Director has resolved to increase leadership training for his high achievers in the coming year, to make sure his associates are able to achieve their full potential.

“’Leadership training has become something of a buzz-phrase in the business world, but I want to focus on some specific traits I think the best leaders emulate,” Nick explained. For example, not only will he and other Upper Echelon leaders provide teaching, they will also be encouraging people to invest in their own educations. Being self-directed is a foundational quality for frontrunners, and continual learning is requirement for leaders as well.

Furthermore, Nick wants to put greater emphasis on the need for leaders to earn – not demand – the respect of their colleagues. To do this, he wants to focus several training sessions on active listening skills and the importance of working with integrity. “A leader needs to know and understand what his or her team expects in a manager, and she or he must also provide the example by which a team will measure itself. It’s these soft skills that really define great leadership, and they are what I want to focus on developing at Upper Echelon in the coming year.”

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Upper Echelon is a results-driven marketing firm with a top-notch reputation for growing brands. The team members craft and launch interactive outreach campaigns that raise buyer awareness and engagement. Their success in the field has allowed them to move into new markets. In turn, they are better able to connect businesses and consumers. Their vast knowledge and reputation for excellence have led to solid partnerships with a wide range of companies. What’s more, their commitment to a group of core beliefs sets Upper Echelon apart from the competition. To learn more about the firm’s services, and how they meet any brand need, visit upperecheloninc.com/.


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