Unleash the Power of Nature With a Beneficial Insects Subscription for Your Garden

A Healthier and More Sustainable Garden with the Help of Beneficial Insects

Beneficial Insects

Heirloom Roses, a family nursery specializing in own-root potted roses and perennial favorites, has launched the first Beneficial Insects Subscription service for home gardeners. Delivered right to the door, this service provides gardeners across the country with a monthly supply of beneficial insects to combat common garden pests and create a healthier and more sustainable garden for both plants and people.

Every gardener faces pests like thrips, aphids, and mites at some point and these frustrating bugs can be difficult to get rid of. It’s important to be on guard with a monthly, proactive approach to your garden’s health, instead of a reactive response once the pests arrive. Heirloom Roses’ Beneficial Insects Subscription service allows home gardeners to avoid chemicals and still win the battle against pests. This set-and-forget subscription runs during the growing season from April until September. Customers may choose their start date based on their growing zone. While most chemicals treat only one type of pest or kill all bugs, good and bad, Heirloom Roses’ curated selection of beneficial insects is chosen for its ability to combat almost all garden pests while leaving the good bugs, like bees and butterflies, alone.

“Here at the nursery, we prefer to use beneficial insects as much as possible to handle pests before resorting to the use of spray chemicals,” Randy Green, the Pest Management Specialist at Heirloom Roses, explained. “It’s pretty easy to buy bugs on a large scale for a nursery like us, but not for the home gardener. So, I’m excited we can offer these same beneficial insects to our customers in garden-sized amounts.”  

These beneficial insects include: Californicus, Cucumeris, Ervi, Colemani, Green Lacewing Larvae, and parasitoid wasps. All of these beneficial insects are harmless to humans and pets and arrive in a dormant state, ready to be released into your garden. With more and more gardeners choosing natural, sustainable methods of plant care, the Beneficial Insects Subscription from HeirloomRoses.com is the next step to ensuring your garden is protected and thriving for the entire growing season.

Source: Heirloom Roses

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